5 Low-budget Marketing Tips For Small Business

September 23, 2015 - 2 min read

Are you a small business owner or planning on starting up a business? There are many ways of marketing on a low budget, so have a read and find the ones that work for you!

Online Marketing

#1 Publish Engaging Content

When it comes to online marketing, quality content is king. It’s vital that your organisation has a website filled with relevant content about your business. If you can get traffic to your website through search engines like Google, or by getting shares and engagement on social media, you’re one step ahead of the rest! Check out this article for more information on creating a content strategy for your business.

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#2 Instructional Videos

Visual content is a great way to get some attention online. Using your expert knowledge, you can create your own instructional videos for people to learn from and share with their friends. This will enable you to engage with your target audience, while showing people that you’re an expert in your industry.  All you need is an iPhone and video editing software.

#3 Social Networking

The use of social media networks is an effective, easy and free way to market your business. They allow you to build relationships with your customers and reach new customers, as well as promoting your business’s goods and services at the same time. Facebook is a great platform to start with, just be sure to fill your business page with relevant and engaging content (visual and written)—this is key! Creating online contests is a way to get people interested and sharing your page early on!

Traditional Marketing

#4 Events

Hosting an event or workshop in your community is a great way to market your business, without pushing your brand in people’s faces. Create promotional materials and use online platforms to market your event and get as many people attending as possible.  Not only is this a great networking opportunity, but if people come and have fun, they’re more likely to remember your business and use your services in the future.

#5 Promotional Materials

Nothing beats a bit of shameless branding. Even in the age of the internet, old school promotional products still have power and relevancy in today’s market. From business cards, branded stationery and signs to flyers, brochures and vehicle decals, these all go a long way to increasing your brand recognition and reach in your community.

If you’re after some high-quality, printed promotional products, we’ve featured a couple of Gold Coast signwriting experts who can help get your business some brand exposure.

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