How exactly does hot stone massage therapy work? We’ve done our research and found 5 benefits of hot stone massage therapy, as well as a few Sunshine Coast beauty salons that practise this technique.

5 benefits of hot stone massage therapy

Relaxes muscles

Without heat, your muscles will be more tense and stiff, which can hinder the massage process. The added heat from the stones helps you relax. This allows your massage therapist to better manipulate your deeper tissues, which both releases tension and can relieve aches.

Stress management

The relaxation powers of hot stone massage not only affect you physically, but are known to have many mental benefits. You may find that as your body relaxes, it not only releases tension but can help manage your stress levels. Hot stone massage can help with symptoms of anxiety and depression, but should not be used as a substitute for other forms of treatment.

Better sleep

When you’re overtired or overstressed you can often have trouble sleeping. The intense relaxation, healing powers and stress-relief achieved through hot stone massage therapy has been linked to getting a better night’s sleep. This type of massage therapy is often advised for those suffering from insomnia alongside seeking medical advice.

Improves blood circulation

Before the massage begins, hot stones are placed on trigger points all over your body. The stones penetrate your deeper tissues, opening blood vessels along the way, and in turn improving circulation. This increased circulation can help in the recovery process after exercise and relieve other aches and pains.


It seems pretty generic, but built up stress over long periods of time can cause you to become emotionally fatigued. Relieving the stress with hot stone massage can boost you mentally, making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Book your hot stone massage today!

A hot stone massage is not something you should try at home without any training. This can not only be dangerous, but you won’t get the same health benefits. We’ve found you the best Sunshine Coast beauty salons┬áthat practise this wonderful massage technique.

Organica Day Spa
Relaxation at its best, Organica Day Spa - Sunshine Coast
Relaxation at its best, Organica Day Spa – Sunshine Coast

Organica Day Spa is a one-stop shop for all your beauty and cosmetic needs. While the talented massage therapists will be more than happy to relax you with some hot stone therapy, they can also provide a range of other services. From a variety of massages and facials, to spray tans, body wraps and more, the team here will make sure you’re 100 per cent cared for. Call Organica Day Spa today and book the ultimate day of relaxation!
Where: 1/8 Grebe St Peregian Beach Sunshine Coast QLD

Coolum Massage & Beauty
You'll feel like new. Coolum Massage & Beauty - Sunshine Coast
You’ll feel like new. Coolum Massage & Beauty – Sunshine Coast

If you’re looking to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, stop by Coolum Massage and Beauty. The professional team of beauty therapists here offer a Hahuna hot stone massage, as well as other remedial, relaxation, Swedish and sports massages – you’ll be spoilt for choice! While you’re at it, why not couple it with a chocolate mud wrap or some ear-candling for a truly relaxing experience. Located on David Low Way, pop in to Coolum Massage and Beauty and have the friendly staff give you an affordable treatment today.
Where: 4/1467 David Low Way Yaroomba Sunshine Coast QLD

Have you got a favourite Sunshine Coast beauty salon to get some hot stone massage therapy? Tell us where in the comments below!

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