1. Lob haircuts

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The lob haircut is a style that will suit almost every woman. This cut is similar to a bob with the ends reaching to your collarbone. Most hairdressers will also cut a little shorter in the back, keeping you cooler on a hot day. Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, there is a lob cut that will work for you.

2. Pompadour

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Don’t worry, gents – we haven’t forgotten about you! The pompadour is one of the biggest trends in men’s hairstyles this reason, right alongside the infamous man bun. It’s typically worn with short sides, with the hair swept back. There are two types of pompadour:

  • The classic style for the refined gentleman look. This would suit your everyday businessman.
  • The extreme, angular & modern look. This is an edgier look to awaken your inner James Dean.

3. Undercuts

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Undercuts are trending for both men and women right now due to its versatility. This cut can be matched with any other style and remove bulk if you have thick, coarse hair. This is great if your hair tends to stick to your skin from sweating in the summer sun. You can be as creative or generic as you want with this style, with plenty of designs available online to show your hairdresser.

4. Short haircuts

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To beat the heat, you can’t go wrong with a chic short hairstyle. There are a number of choices, depending on your personal preference. Short hairstyles include:

  • The pixie cut. This style is timeless, dating back to Hollywood movie star Audrey Hepburn. It’s incredibly versatile with the opportunity to play around with colour and texture.
  • Short back and sides creates the perfect rock ‘n’ roll look to give you that little extra confidence.

5. Coloured Hair

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Having a vibrant new colour for your locks is perfect if you want to stand out in the summer crowds flocking to the beaches. There are so many ways to experiment with different colours and combinations. The biggest trends in colour for summer include:

  • Bronde is the perfect compromise between blonde and brunette shades.
  • Silver or grey hair has been dubbed the most unlikely trend of the season, but is taking social media by storm.
  • Pastel colours are incredibly popular with rose gold, teal and lilacs trending for almost every hairstyle.
  • Burgundy shades are great for catching the sunlight, showing off the vibrant hue.
  • Mermaid hair is a favourite among summer colour trend for the more adventurous.

Looking for a new look for your hair this summer? Check out these hairdressers at LocalSearch. Wanting to turn heads in Alice Springs? We’ve got a couple hairdressers to get you started.

Express Cuts
Ready for all your hair needs, Express Cuts - Alice Springs.
Ready for all your hair needs, Express Cuts – Alice Springs.

Express Cuts have you covered for all the latest hairstyle trends this summer season. Their hairdressing services include:

  • Colouring and styling for men, women and children.
  • Large selection of quality hair care and colouring products.
  • No appointments necessary.

Their salon in Alice Springs is conveniently located at the Coles Commercial Centre. For more information on their services, check out the Express Cuts’ LocalSearch profile page.

Mombassa Day Spa and Hair Lounge
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Have a little taste of African inspired beauty at the Mombassa Day Spa and Hair Lounge. They provide a number of hair and beauty services, including:

  • Haircuts for women, men and children.
  • Colouring, perming and permanent straightening.
  • Head massage and treatments.

They also provide a number of body treatments and specialised facials. Check out the Mombassa Day Spa and Hair Lounge LocalSearch profile page for more information.