Research, Research, Research

The biggest mistake you can make when camping is not doing sufficient research on your campsite and location. It’s crucial that you know what kind of weather you should prepare for and all the facilities supplied by the campsite (toilets, showers, BBQ etc). Research the area and make sure there are no road closures and your campgrounds aren’t closed or booked out. If you plan on chucking a line in, you should also research the best fishing spots and local fishery laws.

Test Your Equipment

Imagine setting up your tent after hours of driving, only to realise it’s got a leak or you’re missing tent poles. Before you pack your car, get all your equipment out onto your backyard and test it. This includes setting up your tent, blowing up your mattresses, testing lighting and turning on your gas stove.

Let There Be Light

When it comes to camping, you can never have too much light. You need to have plenty of headlamps, lanterns, LED lighting, battery-powered fluoro lighting and torches. Never underestimate the importance of being able to see while camping—particularly in the case of an emergency.

Hide Your Rubbish

When camping outdoors, you’re not alone. You’re sharing the surrounding environment with a range of local wildlife that will do anything to get their hands on some food. From possums, rats and wallabies to foxes, kangaroos and Kookaburras, there are a range of animals that can quickly sniff out any exposed food scraps. Always clean up after yourself and hide your rubbish (avoid leaving rubbish bags on the ground).

Quality Over Affordability

As you take a stroll through your local camping equipment store, you can easily get caught up in all the bargains. It’s important that you don’t take any shortcuts with the quality of your camping equipment. Try purchasing equipment from big-name brands that offer guarantees and after-sales service.  Paying more upfront, will save you replacing your equipment down the track.

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