4 trendy makeup looks for winter

July 16, 2015 - 2 min read

You’ll still be feeling the cold, but your cool-as-ice look will be sure to make others melt! Check out our makeup looks below!

#1 Pastel Flushes

To match the soft winter chill, light pastel colours are the way to go. Using pastel colours to highlight your cheeks and eyes will brighten your face while delivering an adorable vintage look. Try adding a light peach blush to your cheekbones, and if you’re feeling extra retro, add a light dusting of any pastel colour to your eyelids for ‘barely there’ yet playful eyes. Top it all off with a light brush of mascara and some nude or light lip colour and you’re good to go!

#2 Bold Waterlines

Maybe you’re planning on hitting the town, or merely feeling a little bold today. If this is the case, try lining the waterline of your eyes with black or brown pencil eyeliner. Not only will your eyes stand out in a gorgeous, sexy way — it is also the foundation for creating smoky eyes. However lets just focus on lining your eyes for now! There are two big tips to create perfectly waterlined eyes without smudging. Firstly, curl your lashes. This will help get them out of the way when lining your upper waterline. To make your eyeliner stay put, grab a wide flat makeup brush and carefully powder your lower waterline with a small amount of matching eyeshadow. There you have it, bold eyes that won’t be going anywhere!

#3 Berry hues

If you’re wanting to make your lips stand out this season, opt for berry tones for something different. The beauty of berry is that it can range from supple reds to deep purples, and will add a touch of warmth to your look on a crisp winter’s day. The even better news is, they can match almost any look and skin type, especially when keeping everything else fairly simple. A berry lip colour is the best way to add that cherry on top!


Tell us about your favourite makeup looks in the comments below.

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