The most important part of planning a dinner party is to know your guests! Assuming they’re your friends, this should be a breeze. It’s also very important to add your own personal touches to the night, whether that be through the selection of music or by creating the perfect centrepiece. These four tips will be sure to add some pizzazz to your dinner, making it a joyous and memorable night. We’ve also added some Gold Coast stores that’ll help you prepare for any party occasion.



#1 Theme your party

Mix things up and give your guests something to talk about. Whether it’s as simple as a colour or as involved as a decade in history, a theme is an excellent way to add a fun touch to the night. Getting your guests to dress outrageously or in a certain style could also act as a terrific ice-breaker for less acquainted people within your party posse.

#2 More planning equals less stress

Be sure to plan and gather everything you will need a few days in advance. Also, on the day of the party, be sure to have your food, drinks, etc. well organised. If you set yourself a time frame and work accordingly, you’ll find yourself stress-free by the time your guests start arriving and able to enjoy your own party, rather than frantically trying to get everything done at once.

#3 Get creative with your game

If you don’t want to subject your guests to another bland dinner party game or activity, try something they may not see coming. There are many resources online bursting with ideas; like a real life Cluedo—allowing all your guests to take part in a murder mystery role play experience.

#4 Set the perfect mood

To go along with your theme, try some matching music and decor. Let’s say that you decided on a Mediterranean theme, because you’re serving tapas-style dishes. Why not look up some Spanish music and throw some natural, warm additions to the living and dining areas? This will reinforce your theme and also make for a more personalised dinner party.

To pick up some supplies for your next dinner party, or if you want a quick visit to the salon to help you prepare, try out these Gold Coast party shops and salons.

Lou’s Balloons

The experts in balloon decorating for any occasion, Lou’s Balloons are sure to give your event that extra pop that it needs! Whether you’re planning a birthday party or a graceful wedding affair, the team at Lou’s Balloons will deck out your venue with fantastic balloon arrangements for that special touch. Not only are they available at short notice, delivery is free to most Gold Coast areas.
Servicing: Gold Coast QLD

Gingernut Cafe & Catering

If you don’t feel like cooking for your guests, let the skilled team at Gingernut Cafe and Catering take care of it! Specialising in corporate and smorgasbord catering, Gingernut Cafe and Catering will be sure to fill the bellies of your guests with an array of delicious food. Give them a call today to plan your next order.
Servicing: All areas, Burleigh QLD



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