Balayage is a French word which means ‘to sweep or paint’. By blending in lighter colours you don’t have to worry about harsh regrowth, this technique of dying the hair leaves a soft and natural finish.
Mudhoney Hair Salon

Art-deco interior design, Mudhoney Hair Salon - Byron Bay
Art-deco interior design, Mudhoney Hair Salon – Byron Bay

Mudhoney Hair Salon is urban and chic with unique fittings and interior design that makes the experience of having your hair pampered all the more pleasant. The visionary behind this fantastic salon is Jess Bowen, with her years of expertise she can make your dead ends come to life with a bit of colour and balayage. The open layout of the salon is one-of-a-kind with cafe racer motor bikes, taxidermy and surf and skate culture decor serving as inspiration for the hairdressers. Mudhoney Hair Salon is also proud to use the best hair products in Byron Bay which include Kerastase, Kevin Murphy and Sebastian professional hair care.
Where: 15 Browning Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Full Fringe

If you feel that you need to accent your facial features, then having a fringe cut can frame your face and show you in your best light. Although bangs look simple, there is an art to creating the perfect fringe which isn’t to thin or thick while being easy to maintain.
Manik The Hair Studio

Colour and style, Manik Hair Studio - Byron Bay
Colour and fringe style, Manik The Hair Studio – Byron Bay

Manik The Hai Studio will give you the whole package from a haircut, to styling and make-up if you are looking for a deluxe makeover that will have your significant other dropping their jaw. Using the latest colour and styling techniques you can also have unique coloured hair together with a new fringe that represents your personality. Manik The Hair Studio really knows how to capture your individuality whilst making your salon experience unforgettable.
Where: Shop 3 9-11 Byron Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Hair Conditioning 

Whether we like it or not, our hair becomes dry during the colder months of the year. So, with Autumn now upon us, treat your hair to some much needed moisture and hair repair for those split ends which aren’t looking good. Like our faces need nourishing masks, so does your hair, so take the opportunity to replenish nutrients and invest in getting your hair back to normal after fighting the elements on a daily basis.
Sulis House of Lush

Rejuvenate your hair, Sulis House of Lush - Byron Bay
Rejuvenate your hair, Sulis House of Lush – Byron Bay

The name gives it all away, Sulis House of Lush is a place of pure pleasure with treatments for your face, body and hair. Take some time out to enjoy an Aveda Hair Spa which will restore all the natural nutrients that your hair is stripped of throughout the sunny season. With the expertise of the team at Sulis House of Lush, you will receive a hair analysis, balancing touch massage, stress relieving shampoo and last but not least a ritual blow dry. Walk out of Sulis House of Lush with your hair feeling silk smooth and rejuvenated.
Where: 1/15-19 Fletcher Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Chemical Straightening

If you suffer from frizzy hair then chemical straightening is a treatment which relaxes the hair making it longer and more lush. Don’t worry about your hair getting wet and having to hide under an umbrella or hat, this procedure lasts for approximately 6 months to a year depending on your hair, keeping it nice and straight.

More than just a haircut, Fuz - Byron Bay
More than just a haircut, Fuz – Byron Bay

Ironically at Fuz, you can stop your untamed hair from taking over your life. Fuz hair salon offers a range of treatments and haircuts by their international team. However, their speciality is chemical straightening which will ensure your hair is slick and straight by the time you walk out of the door. If you can’t make it during the working day then don’t stress, they take personal appointments outside of hours so you can get glammed up for the weekend.
Where: 2/14 Middleton Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481
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