4 best secrets for flawless skin

July 11, 2015 - 2 min read

We have some beauty secrets for you on how to get flawless skin. You’ll be thanking us later!

Stop doing irreparable damage

It may sound fairly straight forward, but people who choose to smoke and expose their skin to harsh UV rays will show signs of ageing quicker than those who don’t – not to mention the many other health concerns. Even though it’s winter, the Wollongong sun can still damage to your skin, so be sure to wear sun-smart clothing and reapply sunscreen every few hours – even on cloudy days. As for smoking, well it’s just overall bad for you and your skin!

Keep it simple

Are you sick of trying a range of different skincare products, only to have your skin look the same or become worse? This could be because you’re trying too much. Don’t head to your local Wollongong pharmacy and leave with a grocery bag of different skincare products; choose one! Each of these products contain a range of different ingredients and when used together can cancel out the benefits and in some cases further irritate your skin.

Give it a chance

Okay, so you’re only using one brand and you’ve been using it for a week now, but haven’t seen any improvements, on to the next one… right? Wrong! Just as it’s vital not to use multiple products at once, it’s just as important to give them time to work. Unless you’ve been suffering from severe side-effects, keep with your product until the tube is empty or until the season changes, before you decide its fate.

Balanced lifestyle

Perhaps the most crucial secret to achieving healthy-looking skin lies in living a more balanced lifestyle. If you’re out drinking every night, eating loads of fatty foods, constantly stressing from work and barely getting any sleep, you can’t expect to have balanced, blemish-free skin. The bottom line is there’s no miracle cure to misbehaving skin; while some skincare products can help, the key to flawless skin lies in a mixture of a simple skincare regime, common sense and overall good health habits.

Have you got a skincare tip that works for you? Share your secrets in the comments below!

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