3 ways your cat secretly loves you

June 25, 2015 - 1 min read

Not sure if your cat loves you or hates you? here are three signs that your cat adores you!

So you’ve got a cat, and it’s always sliding breakable objects off tables, turning up its nose at fresh tuna, and scratching you after approximately 3 consecutive pats. Here’s how to tell if your cat actually likes you, so you know all of your adoration is not a complete waste!

1.Your cat seems to be wherever you are

Sure, it may be acting like it was there before you were, but if your cat is secretly following you around, it’s fond of you. Cats who like their larger human companions will make an effort to rub up against their legs or ‘accidentally’ trip them up as they walk past. So if your cat is making excuses to be close to you, you can count that as a sign of secret adoration.

2.They make eyes at you

No, your cat isn’t plotting to kill you (at least, not yet). If your cat maintains eye contact with you, this is actually a sign that they trust you. Cats only tend to make eye contact with people they’re comfortable with or know well—so if your cat is looking at you and slowly blinks while catching your eye, this is a feline version of a kiss. Can’t ask for much more love than that!

3.They roll around on their backs while you’re around

In a similar way to dogs, when cats roll on their backs they’re rendering themselves defenceless. By showing you their vulnerable tummy, they’re telling you that they feel comfortable, loved and protected by you. Cats are proud animals, so if they’re letting their guard down around you, this is a big sign they love you!