3 must visit nightspots in Wollongong

April 17, 2015 - 2 min read

Get dressed up for a night out at some of the favourite local hot spots in wollongong. here are 3 nightspots to visit on your next big night out.


Does the sound of friendly bar staff, world renowned DJs and buzzing crowds sound like your idea of a good night out in Wollongong? Then make sure you stop in at Onefiveone nightclub this weekend. Drink some tasty cocktails from their famous red cups while you fist pump to the latest banger on the dancefloor. Located in the middle of Keira Street, you are right in the action so you can easily stop here after a few pre-drinks elsewhere, or just follow in the footsteps of most other locals and party here all night. Let your friends know that Onefiveone is your new meeting spot to party on the weekends.
Where: 150 Keira Street Wollongong NSW


If you’re tired of DJs playing the same old top 40 remixes and want to experience a nightclub with a bit of style and culture come to the Ivory. Just because you’re heading to a club for the night, doesn’t mean it has to be a rowdy experience. Come to the Ivory nightclub this weekend for an elegant,
Pick your favourite drink from their $7 all night cocktail menu and start your night at one of the lounge areas; here you can catch up with mates in comfort and style without getting disturbed too much. After you’ve had a couple and warmed into the night, gather the troops and join all the others on the dancefloor for a night of partying you won’t forget. If things are getting a bit too hot and sweaty, you can always hit the beer garden for some fresh air. Open every Friday and Saturday night, stop in at the Ivory on Crown Street this weekend.
Where: 77 Crown Street Mall Wollongong NSW

Alibi Lounge Bar is a relatively new, creatively designed venue that is host to some of the finest artists, stylish furniture and hospitable staff in the Wollongong nightlife scene. If you’re heading there tonight, enjoy the wine and cheese special while you’re treated to some great live music from 7pm to 9pm; otherwise come on Saturday to hear some 50s beats mixed by Kass Kid for something a bit different.
Looking for a place to celebrate your birthday this weekend? Book a function at the Alibi and you can be treated to a reserved area for you and your friends, plus for every 25 people attending you get five pizzas, drink specials, canapes and a bottle of champagne. When you step inside this enchanting bar you’ll completely forget about the outside world; it’s just you, your friends and the music. So change it up a bit this weekend and get lost in the Alibi for a night.
Where: Downtown Motel 76 Crown Street Wollongong NSW