3 hacks to warm the home this winter

June 18, 2015 - 1 min read

Have a look at these amazing hacks to style up your home for a warm interior this winter. Also don’t hesitate to add some flowers to dress up those bare table tops!

Hack 1: Add in a burst of colour

An easy and hassle-free way to warm up the style and interior of your home is to add in a splash of colour. Tired of the beige couch? Pick up a cheap, colourful throw or cushion, pop it over your couch and you’ll have added instant warmth to an otherwise dreary room. Other brightly coloured items, such as pot plants or a coffee table, can also ensure your room doesn’t look as cold as it does outside!

Hack 2: Warm up your windows

A great way to keep the cold out and the warm in, is to dress up your windows with some beautiful thick curtains. These work as an extra layer of insulation, helping you keep nice and cosy without running up your energy bill! Once the weather starts to warm up again, you can simply swap out the heavier curtains for some lighter, sheer drapes.

Hack 3: Bring in scents of the season

Flowers are a quick, simple and budget-friendly way of bringing the outdoors in, without dropping the temperature. Whether you bring in some from your garden or pick some up from a local florist, you’ll be amazed at the difference a beautiful bouquet of flowers can make to your lounge or kitchen area!

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How have you spruced up your interiors this winter? Tell us by commenting below!

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