25 Things Any Aussie Can Relate To

April 1, 2019 - 2 min read

Oh, Australia. With your venomous creatures, never-ending summer and ability to shorten every word in existence—we bloody love ya. While Australia Day is on the horizon, we’ve put together some of the little things that make each and every one of us True Blue, mate!

1. The 90’s Aussie TV shows that you loved—ahem, Have you ever, ever felt like this?

2. Your ability to withstand intense weather changes on short notice.

3. Also, your ability to withstand heat waves when literally EVERYTHING around you is melting.

4. You’d probably be a great asset to the Defence Force with the agility you’ve gained from dodging magpies during swooping season.

5. Laughing when you find out that Australian farmers went to war against emus in 1932. The emus won. And you’re not surprised.

6. Defending your precious fruit Roll-Up from everyone in primary school who wanted to trade.

7. Using the wheelie bin for cricket stumps in the backyard.

8. The ability to create nicknames upon meeting new people. Shaz, Caz, Gaz, Tommo… the options are endless.

9. Not being afraid of anything because you deal with deadly spiders, snakes and Australian politics on a daily basis.

10. Having a bad day and scrolling through Lee Lin Chin’s Twitter feed to cheer yourself up.

11. When you finally swat that ONE fly that wouldn’t leave you alone.

12. Enjoying a sausage sizzle outside Bunnings.

13. The fact that former Prime Minister Bob Hawke holds a record for downing a yard glass of ale in less than 12 seconds back in the 50’s. Enough said.

14. You have a fascinating ability to understand and decode Australian slang like no one else on this planet—in all its abbreviated glory.

15. You know how to eat Vegemite correctly.

16. In a land ravaged by brown snakes, redback spiders and dropbears, you can always be comforted by the existence of quokkas.

17. Watching American films and TV, wishing every school day could be free-dress day.

18. Cringing at really bad Australian accents in American or British TV shows and films.

19. Quoting The Castle all the time.

20. Eating ice cream really quickly because you’re used to it liquefying from the heat in 25 seconds flat.

21. Being able to road trip to amazing beaches, forests and deserts with your friends.

22. Either laughing or groaning whenever you hear “Helllooooo, Frank Walker from National Tiiiiillllles” on the radio. Both are acceptable reactions.

23. When driving to your holiday destination takes 2 days but you’re still in your own state.

24. Being able to meet, talk to and learn from people from different cultures on a daily basis.

25. Realising that this country, in all its expansive, hot, dangerous and weird ways, is thoroughly wonderful—and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Have we missed any? Add to the list in the comments below.

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