11 Egg-Cellent Facts About Chocolate

April 1, 2019 - 2 min read

Tucking into chocolate eggs and bunnies on Easter is a happy memory for many. We have embraced these warm and fuzzy feels with some super sweet facts about chocolate! Number 10 will really surprise you!

1. The history of chocolate spans across 4,000 years

Chocolate was consumed as a bitter concoction as early as 1900 B.C. Aztecs worshipped cacao as a food of the Gods, drank copious amounts per day and even used it as currency!

2. M&M’s were created so soldiers could enjoy chocolate without it melting

In 1941, M&M’s were originally commercially made so soldiers could carry chocolate in their pockets and it wouldn’t melt. NASA even sends candy coated chocolate up to space with astronauts.
We’re not lying when we say chocolate is out of this world! 

3. Chocolate shortage is a very real problem

Due to issues with cocoa tree crops, such as pests, drought and disease, chocolate has been predicted to double in price in the next 5-years. Stock up now before the a-choc-alypse!

4. Raw chocolate is being researched for protection against tooth decay

That’s right! According to researchers at the Tulane University in America, cocoa extract is more effective than fluoride in fighting cavities. Along with the other health benefits, nibbling on a couple of cacao nibs may help reduce your change of tooth decay.

5. The largest chocolate bunny recorded weighed 3,850 kilograms

Created by Senac-RS (Brazil) at the 2014 Chocfest in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, it was one BIG bunny!

6. Death by chocolate can happen…

Technically, it would take about 5.7 kilograms of unsweetened dark chocolate to kill an 80 kilogram person, but it is possible. So, it is definitely not recommended that you eat even close to that amount of delicious chocolate.

7. The original chocolate chip cookie recipe was sold for a lifetime supply of chocolate

Ruth Wakefield, the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie, sold her magical recipe to Nestlé for a lifetime supply of chocolate.

8. Most chocolate contains insects

According to research, most chocolate bars contain at least 8 insect parts. The good but also bad news is, it is difficult to avoid insects in most manufactured foods but they won’t do as much harm as most pesticides used on many foods.

9. Hot chocolate vs. hot cocoa

There is actually a difference! Hot chocolate already includes the cocoa, sugar and cocoa butter. Hot cocoa on the other hand is made from the powder extracted from cocoa butter from ground cocoa beans. You then add your additions to the drink.

10. The chocolate fountain and river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is real

 Made from real chocolate, water and cream, the fountain spoiled quite quickly and created a foul smell on set.

11. Almost half of almonds produced are made for chocolate products

Approximately 40% of almonds produced worldwide are intended for chocolate products.

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