11 Best Fine Line Tattoo Ideas You Won’t Get Sick of 2 Years Later

Fine line tattoos are delicate works of art, but they’re also a specialised tattoo type. Discover everything you need to know about these stunning tattoos in our 2019 guide to fine line designs.

Tattoos. Love them or hate them, you surely appreciate the work that goes into them and the often-stunning pieces of art created. But there is one tattoo style even the naysayers tend to love—fine line tattoos.

The best fine line tattoo ideas will be designed specifically to you and your taste, but these examples will help give you inspiration. 

Of course, for a good, long-lasting fine line tattoo, you’ll need a tattoo artist who specialises in the style. So, do your research before you book a session.

11 of the Best Fine Line Tattoo Ideas

1. The finest of fine line script tattoos.


2. Wear your heart on your sleeve for a friend or family member.


3. Swap out a flower stem for some fine line script.


4. Show the cook or chef in your family this foodie-inspired fine line tattoo.


5. It may take a second glance, but this continuous fine line tattoo is stunning.


6. Constellations make for perfect fine line tattoo designs.


7. Do you love caffeine enough to get a coffee tattoo?


8. Prove you are best friends for life with matching fine line tattoos.


9. Even your mother will love this rose tattoo.


10. This fine line wolf tattoo is simplistically perfect.


11. Even the smallest tattoo can hold the biggest meaning.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fine line tattoo?

Fine line tattoos are delicate curved, straight or continuous lines without shading. They’ll generally be monochrome, and some people will say they are less painful, but honestly, it depends on the placement of your tattoo and your pain tolerance.

Thanks to technology, tattoo artists are able to tattoo fine line designs with a lot of detail these days. So, if you’re not a fan of more traditional tattoo styles or thick lines, this may be an option you’ll like.

Do fine line tattoos fade faster?

To tattoo a fine line design, less needles are used, and many tattoo artists will cut down on how much ink is used to prevent bleeding (AKA a smudged look once healed). Your immune system will actually work to get rid of the ink from your body the second it hits your skin and it’s easier for it to fully remove less ink. It’s even easier if it’s single, thin lines.

So, yes, a fine line tattoo will probably fade faster, requiring touch-up sessions to keep it looking fresh and clear. If you’re concerned, speak to your chosen tattoo artist.

At the end of the day, if you don’t follow the after-care instructions given to you by your tattoo artist, it will all have been in vain anyway. Plus, you don’t want to risk infection or ruining the work in any way. Every tattoo artist will have methods they prefer, including how long to keep wrapped, using ointments, how long to stay out of water, etc.

How much does a fine line tattoo cost?

The price of your tattoo will depend on your artist, the size of your tattoo and placement. With a fine line tattoo, there is a lot of room for error so ensure you find an artist who specialises in fine line designs and tattooing.

In Australia, you’re looking at around $100 to $250+ an hour. Again, the hourly price, design and location of the tattoo may alter the hourly price.

Some artists will discount for a full day, but finer designs, unless large, won’t take anywhere near a 6 to 8-hour session. Most tattoo studios will also ask for a deposit, although there are many who will do walk-ins.

Who is the best fine line tattoo artist in Australia?

Every tattoo artist will have a specialist field and tattoos they prefer to do. However, fine line tattoos take a lot of focus and skill, so ensure you check out their portfolio before you book. Communication is also key for getting the tattoo you want, so pay close attention to the stencil, placement and any advice your tattoo artist offers.

Check out the best tattoo studios near you on Localsearch! There are plenty of photos, reviews from locals and information about their tattoo artists to help you make your decision.

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