What to Give for Mother’s Day in 2021

With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s time to start planning what you’re going to give your mum. From photo books to skincare, we’ve got plenty of great ideas for you in this article!

Mother’s Day is around the corner, so it’s time to start planning what to give your mum this year.

It’s important to get your mum a thoughtful gift and show your appreciation and celebrate her on this day. Besides the usual flowers and chocolate, we’ve found nine creative gifts to warm your mum’s heart, from experiences to custom baskets and jewellery.

Each gift has been carefully selected and there’s plenty to choose from to give you variety and suit your mum. Whether you want to give her a relaxing day or a hobby-themed basket, you can use any of these present ideas and tweak them however you like.

So, if you haven’t got your mum a present yet, we’ve got you covered! If you’re looking for thoughtful ideas, keep reading to discover our top picks for Mother’s Day presents in 2021.

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9 Things to Give for Mother’s Day in 2021

1. An experience.

Booking your mum an experience, by herself or with you, is a great way to treat your mum and show your appreciation. From a relaxing day of self care to a fun activity for the both of you to enjoy, there are plenty of experiences to give for Mother’s Day in 2021.

Experiences to give for Mother’s Day:

  • Massage.
  • Pottery class.
  • Sip and paint class.


2. Jewellery.

If your mum loves jewellery, you can get her a custom piece for Mother’s Day in 2021. Whether you want to give her the present on your own or with your siblings, there are plenty of great options for a mum who loves jewellery.

Jewellery to give for Mother’s Day:

  • Jewellery with the birthstones of all her children (or if you’re an only child, your mother’s birthstone and yours).
  • Jewellery with the names or initials of all her children.
  • Jewellery with her gems, metal, etc.


3. Plants.

Plants help brighten any home or office, so giving your mum a new plant (or a few) can make her day, every day. Depending on her lifestyle, you can choose from plants that don’t need much attention or plants requiring everyday care.

If your mum is home most of the time, multiple plants with stylish pots could be a great gift. On the other hand, succulents and other plants which can survive without much attention are great if your mum is often out of the house.


4. Gift basket.

Gift baskets are great to make a customised present to give for Mother’s Day. Besides the usual flowers and chocolate, you can make a gift basket customised to your mum’s favourite hobby!

For example, if your mum loves cooking, you can make her a gift basket with everything cooking related! From cooking supplies to recipe books, there are an endless amount of goods you could put in this basket.

Gift basket example for mum who loves cooking:

  • Cooking utensils.
  • Apron.
  • Reusable shopping bag for trips to the grocery store or farmer’s market.
  • Some of her favourite snacks.
  • Recipe book.


5. Reusable coffee cup.

If your mum loves her coffee or tea, a reusable coffee cup could be a great present for her! Reusable coffee cups are great to take your coffee or tea with you, anywhere you go.

Even better, there are plenty of styles for reusable coffee cups, so you can get one to match your mum’s style.


6. Workout gear.

If your mum lives an active lifestyle, workout gear is a great gift idea. Whether she needs a running armband, yoga mat, workout clothes or even a new water bottle, there are plenty of options to give for Mother’s Day in 2021.

Workout gear to give for Mother’s Day:

  • Workout clothes.
  • Yoga mat.
  • Running armband.
  • Water bottle.
  • Premium workout app subscription.
  • Running/hiking/walking shoes.


7. A photo book.

Making your mum a photo book is a great way to thank her for being the great mum she is by reminiscing on your childhood. Filled with treasured memories, a photo book brings back so many wonderful memories and reminds your mum of when you were growing up (which she’ll love).


8. Pyjamas.

Nothing is better than a good sleep, so why not give your mum pyjamas! From silk sets to cute graphic designs, there are so many options to choose from. Whether she likes long pyjamas or comfy sweatpants, there’s no wrong choice when it comes to loungewear. 

Eye masks are also a great option to block out any light, encouraging a deep sleep.


9. Skincare.

Skincare is another great gift for Mother’s Day. From lotions to bath bombs, there is an endless amount of skincare to brighten your mum’s face – literally.

Skincare to give for Mother’s Day:

  • Lotion.
  • Bath bombs.
  • Exfoliation scrub.
  • Face mask.
  • Serum.
  • Micro needling roller kit.
  • Gua Sha.
  • Jade roller.


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