What does your home say about you?

August 1, 2015 - 2 min read

Ever wondered what your home says about you? Here are some popular design trends and styles, and exactly what they say about your personality.

Do you live a private life? Perhaps you’re the sociable type? Whatever the case, you’d be surprised how much your house can reflect your personality. Whether it’s the building design, the garden landscape or the interior decor, every little detail about a property can be influenced by our very own characteristics—after all, home is where the heart is! For a few pointers on what your property is whispering to your neighbours, check out the guide below! Are you planning on building a new home in Queensland? Check out these builders who can craft the perfect space to match your personality!

Grand entrances

Homes with gorgeous, grand entrances often suggest that the owner takes pride in their appearance. It can also represent respectfulness—being eager to please neighbours with a welcoming front yard.

Unique builds

Do you own a unique build? Then it’s quite possible that you’re a creative and daring individual who isn’t shy to share their personal taste through the power of architecture.

Open-plan living

Open-plan spaces often represent a social living environment, particularly within family-oriented households. These spaces can be extremely inviting and are often owned by people who love to entertain.

Secluded backyards

Do you have a high fence running around your backyard? Then it’s quite possible that you enjoy your own privacy. By having high fences, you’re able to block out the real word and relax within your very own sanctuary.

Cottage-themed decor

If interior decor could give hugs, this theme would definitely be one of them! Cottage-themed decor represents a very homely and welcoming atmosphere that that makes you feel relaxed and loved from the moment you enter.


Whether it’s the design of the build or the simple interior, a minimalist theme screams individual character. People who own this look could quite possibly be fashion-forward within their thinking, living by the moral that less is more.

Light spaces

If you love light and bright living spaces, it may represent your bubbly and friendly personality—always eager to find the best in a situation. Light living areas create a positive impact on our moods and are very welcoming.

Green living

Is your home surrounded by lush, natural greenery? This could showcase your love for the great outdoors, as well as your caring nature for all living things.

Excessive storage

Does your home have excessive storage? This could symbolise that you’re a very organised and particular individual, who likes to keep on top of clutter at all times.