Chow Chow’s Have A Black Tongue

Chow Chow
Also known as a fluffy lion dog, Chow Chows are easily recognised by their blue-black tongues. Although it’s one of the oldest known dog breeds in history, nobody is 100% sure why their tongues are a blue or black colour.

Mastiffs Were Used In Roman Wars

This pup may not look like a fearful warrior, but during the Roman occupation of Britain, Mastiffs were used as powerful war weapons. Strapped with armour and weighing an average of 100kg, these dogs were known to take on horseback fighters and the opposing military.
These days, the mastiff is a domestic cuddler, happy to lay and play for hours on end.

Newfoundlands Have Webbed Paws 

Bred to be used as working dogs for fishermen in Canada, Newfoundland’s are renown for being unstoppable in the water, even rescuing drowning swimmers. Their powerful swimming abilities and webbed paws help aid them in being an extremely useful (and cute) companion. 

Some Cats Have Thumbs

Cat with finger
Cats are occasionally born with an extra toe, which can look like a thumb.
This extra digit doesn’t serve a purpose and is simply a birth defect. Although this thumb may secretly be helping them take over the world—one nap at a time.

Male (Tom) Cats Are Lefties

Cat at table
Studies have shown male cats will use their left paw when performing difficult tasks, while female cats are more favoured to their right.

Cats Can Make Over 100 Vocal Sounds

Cat meowing
From letting you know you’re scratching the right spot, to their bowl is empty, cats can make over 100 sounds to voice their needs. Compared to a dog who can only make about 10, cats have been learning to communicate with humans for a very long time to ease their way of life.

Rabbit’s Can’t Vomit

It may mean you never need to clear up yucky rabbit vomit, but their inability to barf can lead to serious health problems. If you do have a pet rabbit, ensure they are well groomed and eating a healthy, rabbit-appropriate diet.

Domestic Rabbits Can’t Be Placed In The Wild

As domestic rabbits have grown up in luxurious comfort, it’s very unlikely their ‘natural instincts’ will kick in if they find themselves in the wild. If you do need to rehome you’re rabbit, talk to animal adoption agencies, or your vet about finding your pet a furever home.

If You’re Pet Is Sick, A Vet Is The First Place You Should Visit 

This is an easy fact. If your beloved pet is ill, acting strange or in need of a check-up, a vet is the first place you should go.

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