Types of Electricians in Australia

Not all electricians work on the same types of jobs. In fact, there are several different types of electricians you may come across for different electrical problems you may have. So what is the best type of electrician to call for electrical lines, install light fixtures or in an emergency? We have come up with this handy list so you can tell the difference, and know who to call.

When attempting to hire a professional to conduct electrical work, it is critical to find the person best suited to the job at hand. While most electricians can handle different types of work within their industry, hiring a specialist tends to produce better results. There are many types of electricians in Australia, with each focusing on a specific area of the field.

What are the different types of electricians in Australia?

Electricians in Australia specialise based on the type of work and the place where the work is completed. For instance, there are construction, residential, commercial and industrial electricians. There are also specialist, master and emergency electricians, with each job differing slightly from the other.

These categories of electricians may be hard to differentiate from the outside. However, hiring the correct type of electrician can make the difference between an adequate or excellent experience with said professional.

Residential Electricians

Residential electricians are tradesmen who install, maintain, upgrade and repair electrical lines, systems and appliances at apartments and homes. Some residential electricians master every aspect of the job, while others may specialise in certain areas.

A residential electrician may plan the electrical design for a house, install wiring during renovations or home additions, install, maintain and repair lighting, fixtures, electrical hot water systems, switchboards, electrical outlets and more.

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Commercial or Industrial Electricians

Commercial and industrial electricians are often confused, but there are subtle differences between the two jobs. Commercial electricians are more common, as they assist most businesses with their electrical needs.

They install, upgrade, maintain and repair electrical wiring, power sockets, switchboards, fixtures, lighting and generators for businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, retail centres, hospitals and more.

An industrial electrician is a more specialised job, as a lot of expertise is required to handle the work they encounter. It requires additional schooling and apprenticeship training, with the work ranging from electrical installations at major factories, dealing with exceptionally high voltage systems and heavy-duty machinery. These electricians are under higher pressure to do their job flawlessly, as the slightest mistake can have severe consequences.

Construction Electricians

Construction electricians are tradesmen who specialise in performing electrical work at construction sites. These electricians are hired during the building phase of residential, commercial and industrial sites.

They go through a special apprenticeship program, with their work involving the installation of lighting fixtures, switches, circuit breakers, communications equipment, heating and cooling systems, troubleshooting faulty parts and understanding building drawings and blueprints.

Emergency Electrician

Emergency electricians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist residential or commercial clients. When there is a time-sensitive electrical issue, such as a blown switchboard, burning power socket or malfunctioning appliance, an emergency electrician responds within the hour and attempts to repair the issue

Master Electrician

Master electricians hold the highest position within the field. Being a master electrician signifies that one has gone through extensive schooling, apprenticeships, training and work experience.

They can handle the most complex electrical systems at any location, while they often take on supervisory roles to manage and resolve complex electrical equipment problems. Master electricians must complete a certain number of classroom and on-the-job training hours.

Specialist Electrician

A specialist electrician is a tradesman who focuses on a single aspect of the job. For instance, someone may have a lot of knowledge and experience working with refrigerators, electrical hot water systems or HVAC systems. They specialise in working with those appliances and systems, with their expertise ensuring a higher standard of work compared to a general electrician.

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