Types of Cleaners in Australia

Struggling to keep your home clean and tidy? Well, a cleaner may be your next best friend. Here’s why you should hire a professional cleaner to help maintain your house and keep your home (and conscious) clean.

Cleaning is essential to ensure your environment is fresh and tidy, relaxing your mind by clearing the mess. On the other hand, unforeseen circumstances sometimes arise, which the average person isn’t equipped to clean and you may need to look for someone who can. We’ve made this article on types of cleaners in Australia to help you decide which cleaner is right for you.

Running on a tight schedule? Sounds like you could use a cleaner! From party cleaners to car cleaners, there are so many different types of cleaners who offer different services and packages. For example, if you need your house cleaned, then you can have a one-time cleaning or hire a domestic cleaner you can arrange to come on a regular basis. Keep reading to find out more…

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10 Types of Cleaners in Australia

1. Domestic cleaners.

One of the most popular types of cleaners, domestic cleaners are for your home and can come regularly, typically once a week. Domestic cleaners in Australia will cover basic forms of cleaning, for a nice refreshing tidy up. 

A house cleaner will clean floors with mops or vacuum cleaners, dust all surfaces and may clean windows, declutter areas, change bed sheets, iron clothes and wash dishes. You can always ask your local cleaners what services they offer and how often you’d like them to come to suit your schedule and needs.


2. Commercial cleaners.

Commercial cleaners look after businesses, most commonly offices, which require daily cleaning. They will come by after work hours, usually at night or early in the morning, to get the space clean before the next day. Offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, warehouses and other large buildings require commercial cleaning to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of these high-traffic buildings.

Office or commercial cleaning includes dusting and wiping all surfaces, cleaning the floors and tidying the kitchen and bathroom areas, in addition to any other shared spaces. For hotels, cleaning will also include changing sheets, towels and cleaning all kitchen equipment. Depending on the business, the cleaning service may require different methods, which can be tailored to the business’s needs.


3. Event and party cleaners.

Event and party cleaners are a good idea if you’re planning a soirée. The dread of cleaning after the party or the next day can be exhausting, which is why event and party cleaners are here to help! 

A post-event cleaner can help you by cleaning up the mess after a party, whether that be throwing out leftover food and drinks, cleaning the dishes, wiping down surfaces or vacuuming…up all that glitter. Especially if it’s your birthday party, it’s a good idea to treat yourself ahead of time and organise event and party cleaners. Hungover-you will thank you later.


4. Trauma cleaners.

Warning: Distressing content

Trauma cleaners clean up crime scene-related matters. Graffiti, syringes, workplace accidents, animal waste, hoarder houses, sewage, mould, fire damage, among other things, are what trauma cleaners clean. 

A trauma cleaner will help deal with the more delicate circumstances. Injury or death comes with an emotional toll on anyone and remaining details need to be promptly taken care of. To allow those affected, the space and time to heal, trauma cleaners have the knowledge, skills, training and certifications to handle these situations in a sensitive, quick and thorough manner. 

Crime Scene Clean Up provides ITI and IICRC Trained and Certified remediation services for families or companies facing the aftermath of a homicide, suicide, accidental, or unattended death scene.”

5. Floor and carpet cleaners.

Floor and carpet cleaners can be hired to help clean your flooring, including rugs. While there are cleaners who specialise in floor and carpet cleaning, most cleaners offer this service in their packages, but it can also be bought on its own. 

Hard-floor and carpet cleaning services include vacuuming or mopping and if a detail clean is required it can include special machines to help clean different surfaces, in addition to various substances and methods. Carpet cleaning is important because different materials can hold dirt and other nasty particles, which is why they should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months.


6. Window cleaners.

Window cleaners cover a variety of buildings, from houses to skyscrapers. They specialise in cleaning the outside of windows, which is often hard to reach or access. Since window cleaners often deal with extreme conditions such as vast height, they require insurance, Risk Assessments and safe procedures and may require licenses.

Ensure you communicate clearly when hiring a window cleaner, making sure they know what to do when a window is left open, how to deal with balconies, if you’d like window frames cleaned as well, etc.


7. Car cleaners.

If you own a car, then you know how easily it can get dirty. Although most people will clean their cars themselves, it can be hard to keep your car clean if you’re running on a tight schedule. Thankfully, car cleaners can save the day! 

It’s important to have your car cleaned frequently, especially if you have pets, children or just are a messy person in general. This helps to stay on top of the dirt, dog hair, paint, or whatever is dirtying your car. 

Besides the quick wipe down of windows and mirrors to ensure great visibility for safe travel, it might be worthwhile to take your car to the carwash or get it professionally detailed every once in a while. Vehicle cleaners have the training and cleaning materials to give your car a deep clean, leaving it with that fresh ‘new car smell’.


8. Spring and deep cleaners.

We’ve all heard of doing a spring clean, but what does this really mean?

Spring cleaning, also known as deep cleaning, is an overall clean, going beyond normal cleaning — all the normal cleaning is done, but with more care to ensure everything is cleaned deeply. For example, tops of fans and blinds may be dusted and wiped down, insides of cupboards and other hard to get places that aren’t cleaned regularly. 

Spring and deep cleaners can help freshen your home with a thorough cleaning, leaving you ready for summer. If you’re cleaning yourself, you can also consider donating or getting rid of unnecessary items to declutter your space.


9. End of tenancy cleaners.

End of tenancy cleaners, or bond cleaners, can help you by cleaning your ex-home when you’re moving out. Tenants are required to leave the property in the same condition they found it in, meaning it should be clean and fresh for the new tenants. On the other hand, if they have not left it clean, then the landlords/managers may have to hire these cleaners to ensure the property is ready for new renters. 

Bond cleaning is thorough and often requires reports and checklists to ensure everything has been cleaned and nothing has been damaged. If something has been damaged, it will need to be repaired or replaced quickly, at the cost of the previous tenant or the landlords.


10. Covid-safe cleaners.

Coronavirus cleaners, or biohazard cleaners, are a recent necessity vital to many businesses and homes. There are precautionary sanitisations or deep clean decontamination, which depend on the situation and the location size. 

For any number of suspected COVID-19 cases, precautionary sanitisations are undertaken to prevent the risk and growth of the virus. On the other hand, locations with a confirmed case/s or suspected cases in a high-risk facility, require a deep clean decontamination. This deep clean thoroughly decontaminates the area so people can return to a safe, virus-free environment.


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