Types of Car Tyres in Australia Explained

Every Australian car owner will need new tyres eventually, but how much do you know about what’s best for your vehicle?

Car tyres; they’re something all Australian car owners have to replace eventually, but normally know nothing about. Lucky there are three popular types of car tyres in Australia, which you’ll find all the info you need right in this article. 

We’ve also answered some of the most frequently asked questions about car tyres, including some information on the Australian Government’s tyre recycling scheme, which helps reduce tyre waste annually. 

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The 3 Most Common Types of Car Tyres in Australia

1. All terrain car tyres.

All terrain, or off-road car tyres, are common for drivers with professions requiring a fair amount of off-road driving, or those who live in an area only accessible via unsealed roads. You’ll recognise these tyres by their deep tread and on-road handling capabilities.


The open tread design allows for a more generous grip than a normal street tyre, giving the driver to remain steady on rocks and mud. Furthering on this, certain all terrain tyres also increase the cars overall load carrying capacity. 

The best part about these tyres is they are considered ‘all-purpose’, meaning you will not need to switch out your tyres in the Australian winter and summer —  unless you live in an area with high weather variability.


Whilst all terrain tyres are perfect for some, it is important to note they do come with a few added expenses. You should also know the high grip of the tyres does use more fuel in the long run, again, making them less cost effective. Furthering on this as all these car tyres are made with softer rubber they will likely have a shorter life than normal road tyres

Due to the larger tread on these car tyres, drivers can expect to hear extra noise whilst driving.

But do you need all terrain tyres regardless of the cons. The general rule is, unless you spend 50% or more of your time driving off-road, you most likely won’t need all terrain tyres. However, if you’re still unsure, get in contact with your local tyre specialist. 


2. Performance car tyres.

Performance car tyres are designed for high-speed driving, and not along the motorway. We’re talking about cars primarily used for racing or performance driving. This being said, they are also common on sports cars, as they do provide better handling, response and traction. 


Performance tyres are designed to increase the handling of your car. When looking at more specific benefits, these tyres allow for improved grip on sealed road surfaces, thus improving overall vehicle safety. For those who travel long distances, or simply appreciate a smooth ride, performance tyres also provide their drivers with a more comfortable journey. 


Let’s be honest, Australian roads can leave a lot to be desired in some parts, which, when you’re a performance car tyre owner can cause big problems. Due to the reduced size of the tyre profile, they are often a lot more susceptible to potholes and other irregularities. In short, you’re more likely to puncture a tyre or damage your car’s suspension if you accidentally hit one, quickly becoming a costly dilemma.

So, do you need performance car tyres? To answer this question you need to look at what’s important to you as the driver. If you’re looking for improved comfort and handling, are travelling primarily on well-kept roads then this may be the type of car tyre for you.


3. All season car tyres.

All season car tyres are likely the tyres on your car right now, as they are the factory standard tyres that most Australian vehicles come with. Also known as ‘all weather tyres’, all seasons combine some of properties of both the performance and all terrain tyres to create a product suiting the average Australian driver.


The largest advantage, and why most consumers opt for all season tyres, is there is no need to change tyres between the seasons. Recent years have seen great advancements in the technology behind these car tyres with some tyre brands offering advanced performance amongst other features. 

These tyres will also give you maximum fuel efficiency out of your car, which is great for your bank account. Speaking of prices, the price range is between $80 and $250 meaning there is an all season tyre to fit into anyone’s budget.


Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘jack of all trades, but a master of none’. That’s all season tyres. Whilst these tyres are great for your average Australian road user, they won’t meet the mark if a lot of your driving is done on rough terrain, snow or race track. 

Unless you live in a climate with extreme summers and winters with plenty of snow and rain, it is very likely that all season tyres will be perfect for you. However if you are unsure, please get in contact with your local tyre specialist who can advise you on the best tyre type for your vehicle.


Frequently Asked Questions About Tyres in Australia

How long do car tyres last in Australia?

How long your car tyres last depends on many factors including tyre type and driving habits. On average, a car driving 15,000km annually will get three to four years of life out of their tyres. 

However, you can take simple steps to improve the life of your tyres, including adding a wheel alignment and tyre rotation to your annual service. Do your best to avoid potholes, curbs and gutters also.

How much air should you put in your car tyres?

Most Australian all season car tyres will require about 32 to 35 pound of pressure per square inch. If you’re like me, that probably means very little to you. Simply set the tyre pump at your local service station to 33 and you’re good to go.

If you’re in doubt speak to your local tyre specialist who will be able to advise you on the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle.


Where to get rid of old tyres in Australia?

Unfortunately in Australia, only 16% of old tyres are recycled annually with the rest end up in landfill or are illegally dumped. In recent years, the Australian Government has been working alongside the tyre industry to find a solution. Through this they developed the Tyre Stewardship Australia, a government-funded scheme with the aim to increase the amount of car tyres recycled annually in Australia.

Get in contact with your local car tyre specialist to find the best fit for your car.  

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