Turn your house into a home

July 25, 2015 - 2 min read

Here are 5 simple ways to make a new house feel like home. Follow these tips and help settle in to your new place!

If you’ve just moved into a new home or rental, it can take a while to settle in and really make it feel like your own. Living somewhere new can be a bit jarring, so if you’re feeling homesick in your own house, we’ve gathered some tips to make it feel like your own. From adding pops of your favourite colour to displaying some of your best memories, there is a whole list of things you can do to make your house a home.

Use your favourite colour


The first thing you can do to make your house homely is to implement your favourite colour. Whether you paint a feature wall, add some furniture or start to collect artwork in your favourite hue, adding your favourite colour to your house will instantly make it feel like your own!

Set up a gallery wall


Dedicate a small area in your house to having a gallery wall—a collection of photos, posters and pictures that you love, all displayed together! It’s a great way to add a design aspect to your home that is super personal. The good news is, if you’re renting you just need to use sticky hooks and your landlord will be none the wiser!

Bring plants inside


One way to make your house feel cosier is by adding plants. Bring a few potted plants inside and place them in areas you use a lot, such as the living room or kitchen. This will add some pretty colour to your home, and having a calming effect on the area.



While having all of your favourite things in one space may seem like a good idea, clutter can actually add unnecessary stress to everyday life. Make decluttering a priority if you’re feeling uncomfortable at home, and you’ll be left with those items you only really love.

Start with your bedroom…


If the idea of having to decorate and organise your whole home is overwhelming, start with your bedroom. This is the most personal area in the home, so make this the first area that feels like yours. Add photos, prints and candles to turn it into your favourite room in the house!