# 1 Organise the closets in your home

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Before you begin organising your closets, throw out any clothes you and your family have outgrown, or no longer use. Be liberal, as clothes no longer in your home can become post modernist floor sculptures designed by your family, left for you to pick up later. (I’d suggest donating these to your local charity if the clothing is still in good condition.)
Once you’ve removed any clothes no longer needed, you can start rearranging your closets. It’s a good idea to place clothing you and your family wear more frequently in an easily accessible position. I also suggest grouping items together, such as pants, skirts, jeans and blouses. Any clothes used less frequently can be bagged at the end of the season and tucked away, to be pulled out when required the following year, freeing up more closet space.

# 2 Cleaning marks off painted walls

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While you love your children, when the time comes to cleaning their dirty finger prints off walls, there are moments when you fantasise about leaving them in straight jackets permanently… only until they’re 18!
Depending on the condition of your walls, if they are only lightly marked, a wet clean sponge or cloth may remove any surface build up. For more resilient stains, adding mild dishwashing liquid to the water may work, or even soap directly on the sponge or stain. If all of these options don’t work, a solvent based product such as Fastastik offers great results, but may result in softening the paint.

#3 Stain removal on countertops

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Even with regular wiping, countertops are no match for the deadly vermin transporting germs, dirt and boogers into your home, commonly known as your children. Which is why it’s vital to know how to hygienically clean your countertops, to fight these destructive elements.
You can clean rust stains on granite countertops using a poultice, remove mildew and soap scum with a mix of ½ a cup of ammonia in 3 ½ litres of water, and wipe away coffee and juice stains with minimal effort using a small amount of hydrogen peroxide diluted in water. Fine steel wool can also buff away small scratches from general wear-and-tear.

For more difficult cleaning tasks, you can contact the cleaning specialists in your local area by searching Local Search home cleaners.

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Black & White Home Services
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Jane’s Cleaning Services
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