TOP Benefits of Dogs in the Workplace

Planning on taking your dog to work for International Take your Dog to Work Day? Keep reading for all the benefits of dogs in the workplace and how to prepare for this exciting day…

There are many benefits of dogs in the workplace, from reducing stress to increasing team collaboration. Although having a dog in the workplace may seem distracting at first, they actually increase productivity, making a relaxed environment and increasing the happiness of employees.

Dogs aren’t only extremely cute and cuddly, but they also help with a lot of issues most workplaces struggle to resolve. With International Take Your Dog to Work Day coming up on Friday, 22 June 2021, it’s time to consider how this day can benefit your workplace in addition to the positive impacts that come from having an ongoing pet-friendly workplace.

Keep reading to discover five benefits of pets in the office.

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5 Benefits of Dogs in the Workplace

1. Increase workplace happiness and morale.

Bringing dogs into the workplace can increase workplace happiness and morale, making the atmosphere more relaxed and upbeat. When playing and petting a dog, your cortisol level decreases while you produce more oxytocin, making you feel more relaxed and happier.

Bring the team together by having pet friendly Fridays or looking into other days (like the official Take Your Dog to Work Day) to allow employees to bring in their fur babies.

2. Lower stress levels and improved health.

Lower stress levels.

Working can be stressful, no matter your job, so having dogs in the office can reduce daily stress in addition to high-pressure situations.

According to a study by the Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012, employees who brought their dogs to work had lower stress levels compared to those who didn’t. The study also found the employees who had brought their dogs to work before showed significantly higher levels of stress on days they didn’t bring their dogs to work.

Besides asking each employee to bring their dog to work, having a dog (or a few) in the office can help reduce employee stress.

Improved health.

Having pets in the office can also improve both mental and physical health, reducing blood pressure and decreasing anxiety. Besides improving the health of employees, this can also reduce sick days for staff and maintain a fair retention rate, as employees may not feel burnt-out as often.

3. Increases productivity.

Having dogs in the workplace can also increase productivity by decreasing stress levels and providing support. Although it’s a fair assumption bringing pets into the office could be distracting, it actually does the opposite.

Instead of dragging on when feeling burnt-out, heading over to the office dog for a few pats can help rejuvenate employees before tackling the rest of their day.

4. Encourages employees to interact.

While spending time in common areas can lead employees to interact, nothing is a better ice breaker than a pet in the office. Whether employees have brought in their own pets or are spending time with the office pet, there’s plenty to talk about and employees have an opportunity to talk to those in other departments they might otherwise not get the chance to interact with.

As a result, this can help produce a stronger team mentality and encourage collaboration, making a more welcoming environment, which also reduces stress.

5. Increases applicant’s interest.

Besides improving the day-to-day aspects for current employees, having a pet friendly office can also increase an applicant’s interest in the role.

A study by The Banfield Pet Hospital surveyed 1,006 employees and 200 Human Resources decision makers from US companies to discover the impact of pet friendly workplaces on employees. The results showed 65% of applicants asked about pet policies and 79% of Human Resources decision makers talk about pet policies with applicants when recruiting employees.

How to Dog-Proof the Office for Take Your Dog to Work Day

1. Put away markers, highlighters and pens.

Put markers, highlighters and pens away in drawers to ensure any pets won’t be able to reach them. If you’re bringing your own pup in, you know what objects they may try to chew on or play with, so hide all these beforehand to keep them (and your items) safe.

2. Empty desk bins.

Empty out all desk bins to ensure dogs won’t be knocking them over and going through the rubbish. The less items on the floor, the better.

3. Bring pet supplies.

Don’t forget to bring pet supplies like food, a dog bowl for water and a bed for your dog. When rushing out the door, it can be easy to forget all the items you need to bring to the office. Bringing these items from home can also make your pet feel more comfortable in the new environment.

4. Set up the clean up.

Dogs can be a bit messy when they’re excited in a new environment, so it’s best to be prepared before bringing them in. Having cleaning supplies nearby, you’ll be able to quickly clean any mess your dog makes to keep your office clean.

5. Make your dog feel comfortable.

Taking your dog to the office is an exciting time for both of you, but it can also be stressful for your dog when meeting new people and other dogs. Make your pet feel comfortable by providing your desk as a safe space for them to go when they feel anxious. Whether their bed is near your desk or they’re on their lead by your desk, they’ll be able to relax and calm down from this exciting day.

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