Top 3 wedding flower trends in Rocky

July 9, 2015 - 2 min read

Here are some of the most popular floral trends for brides and weddings. If you are in Rockhampton, contact a local florist and use one of these beautiful floral arrangement ideas.

Looking for the perfect flower arrangements for your big day? Have a look at this year’s most popular trends, along with some local Rockhampton florists where you can place an order!

Here are the top wedding flower trends so far for 2015!

1. Simple elegance

Baby breath flowers and roses
Simple yet elegant baby’s breath with roses (stock image)

It’s no secret that a lot of brides have taken to going back to basics—so far back in fact, that it’s vintage! The rustic look has taken the wedding scene by storm, with mason jars, stripy straws and a never-ending supply of twine. But what does this mean for flowers? It means understated, beautiful and simple bunches. Think baby’s breath bouquets, as well as arrangements with a few other choice flowers for a pop of colour. Gather the stems with old rope or twine and you’ve got an amazing fusion of rustic elegance.

2. Fairy crown

Flower crown on red head girl
The flower crown’s made a comeback (stock image)

Another big trend happening for wedding flowers in 2015 is the re-emergence of the ancient flower crown. Used throughout history to display a range of meanings, including achievements (Olympic olive wreaths) and romance, the flower crown has made a comeback after a few decades of rest. Flower crowns can be made using small blooms for a subtle look, to larger, more full flowers including roses and hydrangeas for a more dramatic effect.

3. Orchid bliss

Orchids in white pot
Flowers pose as great wedding favours – Stock image

Orchids have always been popular wedding flowers, but this year they have gone gangbusters! With many brides opting for beautiful, fragrant orchids, these flowers always look gorgeous, and can complement a range of colours (perfect for bridesmaids). They are generally used in an elegant, draping bouquet, which forms a softer look than the usual round bunch.