Tip 1: Establish yourself as their pack leader

Dogs instinctively follow a strong pack leader, which needs to be someone who is stable, consistent and confident. Unfortunately, because puppies are so adorable and cuddly, it’s easy to forget all this and cater to their every whim instead. Establish leadership from day one, so your pup knows who’s in charge. This will also help minimise bad behaviours typical of pups that have taken the role of alpha, such as leash pulling, excessive barking and chewing.
Is your dog the alpha of your family pack? Find out!

Tip 2: Use positive reinforcement

You want your pup to have positive connotations with a particular trick or behaviour, not negative. So when your dog relieves itself on the grass, make sure to give some praise, such as a treat or a ‘good dog’. If they display wrongful behaviour, like relieving themselves inside, it’s important not to yell at or berate them (as this just tends to confuse them). Instead, making a quick low-toned noise such as a clap should snap them out of the behaviour, after which you can place them where you want them to go. This will not always work, and there will always be accidents with new pups. Just be consistent and give praise when they listen to you.

Tip 3: Take your new pup to the vet

One of the first things you should do when you get a new pet is to take it to the vet. A good diet and exercise routine, coupled with professional vet care are the cornerstones of good health for all animals. There are also important vaccinations required for puppies, to protect them from serious illness such as Parvovirius (a potentially fatal virus). Worming and flea prevention are also very important to establish early.

Time to take your new pup to the vets in Northern Rivers? We’ve recommended two locations below!

Racecourse Road Veterinary Hospital

You'll know your pup is in the best of hands, Racecourse Road Veterinary Hospital - Ballina
You’ll know your pup is in the best of hands, Racecourse Road Veterinary Hospital – Ballina

Is your dog displaying some behavioural issues? Call the experienced team at Racecourse Road Veterinary Hospital. Working in partnership with The Canine Perspective, a specialist in dog behaviour and separation anxiety, you’ll receive quality advice for helping your dog overcome their fears and other concerns.
Don’t think your pooch needs a behavioural specialist? Talk to the team at Racecourse Road Veterinary Hospital about their unique Bowen Therapy service, which is mentally and physically therapeutic for all dogs. Bowen Therapy can help calm anxious dogs, as well as relax them and make visits to the vet less scary! Other vet services include vaccinations, microchipping, desexing, radiology, dentistry and more. Book an appointment today!
Where: 25A Racecourse Rd, Ballina NSW 2478

Lismore Central Veterinary Hospital
Looking after pups of all ages, Lismore Central Veterinary Hospital - Lismore
Looking after pups of all ages, Lismore Central Veterinary Hospital – Lismore

Specialising in maintaining the health of all domestic animals including dogs, cats, horses, birds and reptiles, Lismore Central Veterinary Hospital is a great choice for all your pet needs. If you want a hand training your new pup, consider Lismore Central Veterinary Hospital’s puppy preschool service. This will teach your dog basic commands and establish good behaviour early.
Lismore Central Veterinary Hospital’s purpose-built facility will ensure your dog receives the highest standard of care. Whether your pup just needs a simple check-up or their vaccinations, you can count on the lovely team here to go above and beyond to ensure the health of your furriest family member (your dog!). Make an appointment today!
Where: 82 Conway St, Lismore NSW 2480
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