Cubby house 101: do’s & dont’s

July 9, 2015 - 2 min read

Your little one will be bursting with excitement the minute you mention putting a cubby house in the backyard. They are a children’s paradise, where their imaginations can run free. One day the cubby house will be a rocket heading to Mars and the next day a pirate ship ready for battle; your child will have a ball creating their very own adventures.

Whether you’re taking a DIY approach or you’re seeking help from a local carpenter, you want to make sure you have carefully planned your cubby house before the first nail is hammered.  We’ve done our research and got a few pointers you might want to consider to get the most out of your cubby house.


As your child will be spending much of their time in the cubby house, you want make sure you can see them from the house. This means you can keep an eye out for any accidents, without having to be in the backyard 24/7.


Be sure to keep the design fairly open, this not only allows easy transition from outside to inside play, but you can also supervise without having to get inside the cubby house itself. Also, you want the design to be easily adaptable, so the kids can use it as they grow taller and it can be easily removed if you want to sell up.

Be scared of the dark

When building a cubby house, it’s important not to forget about lighting. Never fully close off your cubby house! Let the sunshine in by keeping a wall open or replacing a roof panel with corrugated plastic (or even installing a cheap skylight).


Giving your cubby house elevation not only increases the sense of adventure, but gives you so much more room for activities. By putting your cubby house on stilts, you can add a sandpit, climbing apparatus, slide or ladder (or all of the above).

Simple Additions

Little additions can sometimes make the biggest difference. Whether you want to install a letterbox and mini kitchen to make it feel like their own little home or a blackboard so they can be arty, you can really go all out. It’s also a good idea to add flowers or pot plants; your little one will love watering them and watching them grow.


As with every construction job, you have to consider the risks involved. Ensure you have all the appropriate hand rails and that you inspect the cubby house before they begin playing to ensure no unwanted wildlife have found their way inside.