The Newcastle Color Run is back!

June 26, 2015 - 1 min read

Heading to the Colour Run on Sunday? The start line opens at 9am, so be sure to get in early and make sure everything’s in order. Here’s what entrants need to know!

They also have a range of pre-funentertainment from 7am, including 30 minutes of Zumba. A great activity for the entire family, the Color Run is sure to brighten your Sunday. Missed out on registering? Come down anyway and spectate—it’s always good fun and you can even grab Color Run powder packets to toss around!

Be sure to wear a white shirt!

The Color Run is all about, well, colour! So be sure to wear an old white shirt or one you don’t mind getting stained with a bunch of coloured powders. This way you can get the most from your Color Run experience!

Come prepared!

While there are a few water stations dotted around the 5-kilometre course, it’s always a good idea to bring your own bottle of water. If you’re a bit shy, and don’t want too much colour powder thrown your way, stick to the middle ‘low colour’ lanes, where you’re less likely to be hit!

The event doesn’t end with the run, make sure you go to the Finish Festival!

This is where the fun really begins. As you cross the finish line, you will be given your colour packet—be sure to hold onto this while heading to the Finish Festival. Once everyone has congregated to the stage, the colour throw begins! This is also a great time to take some photos if you want a colourful, lasting memory!

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Did you attend the Color Run? Tell us about your experience!

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