The Best Townsville Walking Trails for Every Fitness Level

There is nothing wrong with a brisk walk around the block or park. But when you know the stunning sights along these Townsville walking trails and hiking treks await you, you’ll be bouncing off the couch even when you have zero motivation.

The top 6 benefits of walking according to the Heart Foundation:

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

  • Helps to manage weight, blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • Aims in the prevention and management of diabetes.

  • Shown to reduce the risk of developing some types of cancer.

  • Can maintain bone density.

  • Improves balance and coordination.

The Cape Pallarenda Trails — Townsville Town Common Conservation Park

Key features:

  • Walking and mountain bike trails available for all abilities.
  • Access via vehicle from the Cape Pallarenda Road turnoff near the Rowes Bay Gold Club (open daily between 6:30am to 6:30pm).
  • The Freshwater Bird Hide (accessible via the Freshwater car park) is wheelchair accessible.
  • Located roughly 6km from the Townsville city centre.

The Townsville Town Common is ideal for both people looking for an easy, yet scenic, walk and avid hikers and mountain bikers seeking a challenge. With various trails available, you can work your way up as your fitness levels increase, always with new scenery to see, including a picturesque view of Magnetic Island.

For bird watchers, there are said to be more than 280 bird species in the Townsville Commons so you’re in for a treat!

Castle Hill Road, Cudtheringa & Goat Track — Castle Hill

Key features:

  • 15 tracks in total at Castle Hill.
  • Shorter and longer tracks, but they’re quite steep.
  • Shared tracks for cyclists, walkers, runners and vehicles.
  • Stunning views over Townsville, particularly during sunrise/sunset.
  • Toilets, water fountain and dog drinking fountain at the top.

You’ll need to ensure you have comfortable shoes for these Townsville walking trails! The Cudtheringa Track in particular is known for its killer steps at the end of the trek, however, is only 2.2km return. If you are walking, remember to only walk with 2 people side-by-side and keep dogs on leash as they are shared paths.

A little fact about Castle Hill; it was used as a vantage point during World War II by American soldiers.

Ross River Parkway

Key features:

  • Multiple circuits varying from 1.6km to 7.2km in length.
  • Combined 30km of shared track for walking and cycling.
  • Recognised as one of the best recreational parkway networks in Australia.
  • Playgrounds, toilets, parking, BBQ picnic areas and more are available.

The Ross River Parkway is made up of 6 scenic walking tracks, including the Wetlands Circuit (5.9km), Federation Circuit (7.2km), Aplin’s Weir Circuit (5.3km), Riverway Circuit (3.7km), Fairfield Waters Section (1.6km one way) and the Bicentennial Park Section (4.6km one way). These Townsville walking trails and bike paths are suitable for all abilities, from a leisurely wander to someone looking for a good jogging track.

If you need to rest your legs, there are plenty of lookouts, parks, picnic areas and restaurants to stop at, and of course the Riverway Arts Centre along the Riverway Circuit.

Magnetic Island

Walkways and walking tracks to check out:

  • Gabul Way (Easy 1.5km return).
  • Hawkings Point Track (Steep 1.2km return).
  • Picnic Bay to West Point (Easy/long 16km return).
  • Nelly Bay to Arcadia (Moderate 5km one way).
  • Arcadia to Horseshoe Bay (Moderate 4.6km one way).
  • The Forts Walk (Easy to Moderate 4km return).
  • Arthur Bay Walk (1.4km return).
  • Florence Bay Walk (3.6km return).
  • Radical Bay Walk (6km return).
  • Horseshoe Bay to Balding and Radical Bay (Easy to Moderate 3.4km return).

Alright, you’ll need to hop the SeaLink, a ferry or plane to get to Magnetic Island but the views are well worth it. Many spots (such as the track along Radical Bay Road) lead to amazing swimming and snorkelling spots, while you can spy on native wildlife and flora on any walk.

Be sure to pack your insect repellent (such as this homemade mosquito repellent) as some of the wetland tracks are known to bring the pests out.

Coming from out of town to check out Townsville’s walking trails?

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