What is a pop-up wedding?


The beauty of a pop-up wedding is that it merges elopement with a traditional wedding. The two extremes meet in the middle to give you an intimate wedding ceremony that requires no planning on your part. Maybe you never wanted to wear a traditional white dress or host your ceremony in a chapel? Pop-up weddings give you the opportunity to tie the knot in the vast hinterland, by the stunning ocean or other picturesque locations, while still reflecting your style.

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Is it for you?


If you never wanted a wedding with all the trimmings, or you’d rather spend most of your budget on the honeymoon, pop-up weddings are a great idea. Most pop-up wedding venues allow for only a few guests, adding to the intimacy of your ceremony. You and your partner will feel totally comfortable, having only your closest friends and relatives to celebrate with you.

Pop-up wedding businesses

The whole pop-up wedding concept began in Australia, and the trend is catching on around the world. Aussie companies such as The Pop-Up Wedding Co. have paved the way for many more wedding businesses too. Take some time to have a look into them, and see if there is one that suits you and the location you wish to be wed.

DIY pop-up wedding!


Although this will mean more planning on your part, doing your own pop-up wedding will still be less stressful than a full-blown, traditional wedding ceremony. By narrowing your guest list and simplifying the whole process, your wedding will be a relaxed, memorable experience, rather than one massive, stressful occasion!

One of the biggest decisions for your special day is deciding on the location! Check out these Bundaberg wedding venues that’ll make for a very memorable day.

Kellys Beach Resort Weddings
Have your wedding in this beautiful location – Kellys Beach Resort Weddings

Phone: (07) 4154 7200
Address: 6 Trevors Rd, Bargara, QLD 4670
Located on 5 and a half acres of natural gardens bordering a nature reserve, Kellys Beach resort offers the perfect back drop for you wedding day. Their services include:

  • Fully serviced wedding receptions & functions
  • Wedding planning and coordinating
  • Catering, plus much more

Give the friendly team at Kellys Beach Resort a call today, and discover how they can help you create your perfect wedding!

Bundaberg Coastal Farm Retreat
Find Bundaberg Coastal Farm Retreat on Facebook

Mobile: 0419 661 361
Address: 948 Hummock Rd, Calavos, QLD 4670
If you’re dreaming of getting away from the fast-paced lifestyle and tying the knot in a peaceful, secluded location, look no further than Bundaberg Coastal Farm Retreat. This bed and breakfast includes:

  • An indoor heated pool
  • Remedial massage & facial services
  • Rooms to suit all groups

Located only 15 minutes from the Bundaberg CBD, this could be the perfect wedding and honeymoon destination!