Most Popular Nail Shapes of 2020

It can be hard to find which nail shape you want when getting your nails done. This blog outlines the 8 most common nail shapes and what colours suit them best. Keep reading to help you decide which nail shape suits you best.

Who doesn’t love a trip to the nail salon to get your nails done for a manicure or set of acrylics? However, when it comes to picking a nail shape, it can all become a little overwhelming. There are so many shapes to choose from it’s hard to know where to start — which is why we’ve put together your ultimate guide to the most popular nail shapes of 2020.

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1. Coffin-shaped nails.

Coffin — also known as ballerina — shaped nails are a popular choice amongst those who want a dramatic, but functional, nail. Defined by their coffin or ballerina shoe shape, these nails look effortlessly chic, tapering on both sides with a straight-edged tip.

To maintain coffin-shaped nails, you’ll need to visit your salon at least fortnightly. This nail shape also tends to suit those who have long, slender fingers with angled cuticles. However, they look great with every nail polish colour, from a bold matte to a soft pink.

2. Round-shaped nails.

You can never go wrong with a round nail! It’s simple, timeless and looks great on any hand. 

If you’re after subtle acrylics or SNS, round nails tend to be perfect, extending the nail length only slightly, making for a natural look. However, rounded nails work well without extensions, so are ideal if you’re blessed with strong, healthy natural nails too.

If you’re someone who feels your fingers look short and stubby, round nails may be for you. They have the ability to give the illusion of longer, slimmer fingers, while making wide nail beds appear thinner.

3. Square-shaped nails.

If you’re after a nail that is shorter, practical and still looks great, square nails may be the way to go. Square-shaped nails are known for their low maintenance and longevity, perfect for busy ladies (or gents) without time for weekly touch-ups. 

Similar to round nails, square nails are popular with those who feel their hands could use the illusion of more length. However, they do tend to make narrow nail beds look larger than they are, so be cautious if you’re conscious of this.

4. Stiletto-shaped nails.

If you’re after a dramatic nail look, the stiletto nail shape is for you! This nail shape is only attainable with acrylic nails due it’s sharp shape, which will be hard to achieve on a natural nail as they tend to lack the strength required. Stiletto nail shapes pair beautifully with bold colours and nail art. 

If you’re considering getting this type of nail shape, be ready for maintenance, especially if your occupation requires heavy usage of your hands. It’s important to note these nails are prone to breakage due to their harsh shape.

5. Oval nail shape.

Often confused with round nail shapes, oval nails are filed down on the edges to create a more dramatic curve. These nails are popular with those who have the time to go for touch-ups every fortnight to combat nail growth and breakage. 

Due to the curvature being more extreme than with other nail shapes, oval nails are often the choice for those who wish to attain a slender look. You will want to note this shape of nail tends to enhance both the length and width of the nail bed.

6. Lipstick nail shape.

For those feeling more adventurous, lipstick nails are the new nail shape of 2020. This nail shape is growing in popularity and is bound to get your hands some attention. You’ll recognise a lipstick nail shape by its oval shape with a sharper-angular point to the left of the nail, mimicking the shape of a traditional lipstick. 

Surprisingly, this shape is achievable with both natural and acrylic nails, although the shaping tends to be less angular on natural nails due to the risk of breakage.

7. Almond nail shape.

You can never go wrong with an almond-shaped nail! This classic nail design is the perfect medium between oval and stiletto. As one of the most versatile nail shapes, they create the illusion of longer, slimmer fingers and are flattering on pretty much anyone.

Almond-shaped nails can be done on both acrylic and longer natural nails.They do tend to look better with a solid colour, so may not be for you if you want dramatic nail art.

8. Squoval nail shape.

As the name suggests, squoval nails are the perfect mix between a square and oval-shaped nail. This shape is popular due to being low maintenance, with no harsh edges making them less prone to breakage. 

Squoval nails are often the choice of those with slender hands as the shape tends to draw attention away from this. Furthering on this, if you’re looking for the perfect shape to preserve the length of your natural nails, this is it.

When in doubt about what nail shape will suit your hands and condition of your nails, talk to your local nail technician.

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