Men's 4 best haircuts for 2015

July 1, 2015 - 1 min read

From man buns to severe undercuts, recent men’s hairstyles have become pretty daring! We’ve picked our favourite styles from this year’s fashion-savvy trends, so read on!

The Buzz Cut
The buzz cut is back! Seen most recently on celebrity Tom Hardy, it’s often accompanied with a rugged beard or perfectly shaped facial hair. This is a popular cut purely for the ease of styling it… none required! If you’re worried about losing all of your hair, opt for a Ryan Reynolds style and keep just a little on top.

The Hard Part
When Ricky Martin wore this style, memes popped up over the internet left, right and centre. Despite this, it’s still a widely popular haircut for men of all ages. The hard part makes it easy to style, and is often worn slicked back or to the side.

The Short Back & Sides
Similar to the hard part, this long-on-top style features shorter sides (sometimes shaved) and plenty of length on top. This can either be slicked back, or worn unruly on top. This is an extremely versatile style, and can be as subtle or out-there as you want by making the sides shorter or the top longer (or both!). Styling requires some gel and quality hair products, so be prepared to spend a bit of extra time at the mirror in the mornings.

The Comb Over
You don’t need to be bald to enjoy this timeless style, although the comb over in 2015 is less about hiding that receding hairline and more about looking dapper—think smart businessman, or silver fox George Clooney. Your hairdresser will be able to cut your hair so it sits just right when you gel it up and sweep it over.

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Is there a men’s hairstyle that you love (or loathe)? Comment and let us know below!

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