Chuck (7-bone steak)

This rectangular cut comes from the upper-front part of the cow. Chuck meat is inexpensive and ideal for grilling, braising or mincing. This meat is also a great option for stewing—so break out the slow cooker! Check out these recipes perfect for Chuck meat:

Round Steak

Moving up the ladder of meat cuts, we find Round Steak. Compared to Chuck steak, round steaks tend to have a better taste and meat quality. Sourced from the rump, round cuts tend to be tougher due to lack of fat, but also leaner. Use this cut in recipes such as:

Sirloin Steak

These are the cuts you’ll usually get served at your favourite RSL Club or pub. The sirloin is highly versatile and works well grilled with chips and salad, or thinly sliced in a stir fry. If you like your sirloin juicy and tender, be sure to only flip once when cooking! Try out these sirloin recipes:


Oh, beef ribs… need we say more? The meat around the ribs has some quality taste that is sure to get devoured in seconds at your weekend barbecue. Whether you’re cooking short or prime ribs, they’re sure to be a hit with these recipes:

Short Loin

The short loin—premium cuts sourced from the cow’s lower and middle back, such as T-bone, Ribeye (also called Scotch Fillet) and Porterhouse. You’ll pay a pretty penny for these cuts, but it’s definitely worth it. These cuts are the best for your delicious steak dinner, so try out these recipes:

And there you have it—steak paradise. If your mouth is currently watering, find to your local butcher on LocalSearch for some quality meat. If you’re in the Rockhampton region, we’ve found some for you.

Billington’s Cedar Park Meats
For more than 10 years, the team at Billington’s Cedar Park Meats have been providing delicious, tender meats for Yeppoon locals. They provide:

  • Grass fed beef
  • Gourmet sausages
  • Bacon smoked on premises & much more

Stock up for that barbecue today at Billington’s Cedar Park Meats. Get all of their information on LocalSearch.

Dawson Road Butchery
If you need the best quality cuts in Rockhampton, head over to Dawson Road Butchery. They offer exceptional:

  • Gourmet smoked/cured meats on premises
  • Meat packs, platters & trays
  • Beef, chicken, pork & lamb products

The Dawson Road butchers have got you covered at “Rocky’s best meating place”. Find all their details on LocalSearch.

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