Common pirate phrases

Ahoy! – Universal term for ‘hello’ at sea
Scallywag – A common name for all young pirates
Walk the plank – The only way off the ship for misbehaving pirates
Me hearties – A gathering of pirates who love a jolly good time
Jolly Roger – Skull and crossbones flag – the ultimate pirate ‘must have’
Davy Jones’ Locker – The deepest depths of the seabed
Seadog – An old school pirate (a little worse for wear)
Batten down the hatches – Fasten down the hatches – we’re on the move
Shiver my timbers – An expression of surprise

You can’t be a pirate without a ship, so jump aboard and cast sail on the Maranoa 


One-of-a-kind, Maranoa - Main Beach
One-of-a-kind, Maranoa – Main Beach

Well-known for its charm, the Maranoa is the ultimate pirate ship for any matey looking for a swift sail. Posing as the only wooden sailing boat on the Gold Coast, if you’re searching for an adventure you’ll never forget be sure to hire this beauty out for a day. Accommodating up to 40 passengers, this unique ship is the perfect host to a extended family day out, a trip with your scallywags or a sprogs party at sea. Enjoy a delicious barbecue on deck while you watch a pod of gracious dolphins swim along side the bow of the ship. The Maranoa wouldn’t be a pirate ship without a rowdy saloon where you can enjoy a few glasses of rum while chanting your favourite songs out loud, so be sure to enjoy this feature located under deck at some point during your sail. Last things last, take your Jolly Roger and hang it high off this one-of-a-kind pirate boat for a shipshape day at sea.
Where: 74 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, QLD, 4217

You’re going to need a bit of direction, so give Captain Jack Pirate Magician a call before you head to sea.

Captain Jack Pirate Magician

Captian Jack
Ahoy me hearties!, Captain Jack Pirate Magician – Southport

Do not fear, your captain is here. If you’re looking for a truly authentic pirate experience, make sure Captain Jack Pirate Magician is on your deck. Well-known across the Gold Coast for entertaining kiddies and adults alike, this ol’scallywag is the perfect crew member for a fun-filled day out at sea. Sporting an uncanny resemblance to the famous Captain Jack Sparrow, who we all know and love, this look-alike pirate will not disappoint. A Jack of all trades – literally, be amused by his uncountable talents including a number of close up hand tricks which will entertain all me hearties, regardless of whether you’re a scallywag or a seadog. Working in partnership with the Maranoa, be sure to book this fantastic pirate duo if you’re searching for an adventure you’ll never forget.
Where: Southport, QLD

Nothing finishes off a long day at sea better than a swig of rum and a decent feed. Head to this joint for a jolly good time. 

The Cuban Bar & Lounge

A healthy supply of the finest rum, The Cuban Bar & Lounge – Broadbeach

Take off that tricorne, pull off those boots and loosen that striped shirt because it’s time to relax at the The Cuban Bar and Lounge. Located in the Oracle, Broadbeach, this cabin hole is home to some of the best food and exquisite drinks in the area – perfect to feed the hungry bellies and thirsty throats of a bunch of scallywags. Enjoy a tasty dish of paella cubana which tastes like it’s straight out of Cuba. Well-known for their rum, wash your meal down with a bowl of the Cuban’s punch; the ideal beverage to share among your fellow shipmates. If you’re true to the pirate code and only drink rum straight from the bottle, be sure to dive into their long list of rums and order your favourite on the rocks. Shiver my timbers me hearties, its been a wave of a day.
Where: Cnr Surf Parade & Elizabeth Ave, Broadbeach, QLD, 4218
Are you a true scallywag? Let us know your favourite spot to sink a few rums in GC!