Dogs have a pack-like mentality when it comes to family, and where your dog thinks it stands within the pack can greatly influence its behaviour. To see if your dog is the leader of your household, read on! We’ve also found some Port Stephens vets to get some great advice and care for your pup!

If you answer yes to the following questions, it’s likely your dog thinks it’s the alpha of the pack.

  • Does your dog growl, snap or bite at you if you try to move it?

A dog should never show aggression—not even a hint of it—to its owners, family and other animals. Aggression is a large indicator of alpha status, and all aggressive behaviour needs to be nipped in the bud as soon as possible.

  • When you get up off the couch, does your dog take your spot?

Taking your spot is your dog’s way of saying “I have the best spot in the house, this isn’t yours anymore”. If you allow your dog on the bed or couch, it takes this as a sign it is an equal to you (when it should be subservient to you).

  • Have you tried to get your dog to come over, do a trick or told it sit, only to be completely ignored?

All your commands should be obeyed. Don’t give out a command you will not enforce—as this tells the dog you’re okay with this behaviour and as a result it will challenge your authority.

  • Is your dog plotting world domination? (Just kidding, that’s a cat thing.)

Still having trouble establishing rules, boundaries and pack status with your dog? Get some professional advice by visiting a Port Stephens vet.

Karuah Veterinary Clinic

Your pooch will be smiling after each visit, Karuah Veterinary Clinic - Karuah
Your pooch will be smiling after each visit, Karuah Veterinary Clinic – Karuah

For all your dog needs, head to Karuah Veterinary Clinic. The passionate team here is dedicated to ensuring your dog is as healthy and happy as possible. Best of all, Karuah Veterinary Clinic offers after-hours care for emergencies—so you can count on help never being far away. Whether your dog just needs a check-up, clip, groom or more complex treatments, call the experts at Karuah Veterinary Clinic today. In two easy locations across Port Stephens, your vet is always easily accessible.
412 Tarean Rd, Karuah NSW 2324
Where: 28 Grey St, Clarence Town NSW 2321 (Williams River Veterinary Clinic)

Salamander Bay Veterinary Clinic
Your pup will always be in great hands, Salamander Bay Veterinary Clinic - Salamander Bay
Your pup will always be in great hands, Salamander Bay Veterinary Clinic – Salamander Bay

Does your dog or puppy need some solid groundwork with their behaviour? Book your pooch in for some lessons at Salamander Bay Veterinary Clinic’s puppy preschool! They will be able to help you establish boundaries, as well as where you stand in the pack. Alongside their puppy preschool services, they also offer check-ups, surgery, diagnostics and much more for dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, reptiles and wildlife. Talk to the lovely team today!
Where: 168 Salamander Way, Salamander Bay NSW 2317

Shoal Bay Veterinary Clinic
Young or mature-aged your dog will be well looked after, Shoal Bay Veterinary Clinic – Nelson Bay

If you’re looking for a vet that offers a comprehensive range of veterinary services, talk to the team at Shoal Bay Veterinary Clinic. From microchipping and vaccinations through to nail clipping, pathology, x-rays, dentistry and desexing, you can count on the vets here to take care of your furry friend. They also offer puppy training here, so if your dog is not listening, perhaps you should book them in!
Where: 129 Shoal Bay Rd, Nelson Bay NSW 2315
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Do you think your dog’s the alpha of your family? Let us know in the comments below!