How water efficient is your home?

October 13, 2015 - 2 min read

Are you conscious of your every day water usage? Find out if your home is water efficient and read our tips and tricks to help save water, as well as money on your bills!

When surrounded by the glistening beaches and nearby rivers, it’s easy to forget how precious our water is. So how water efficient is your home and way of living? Don’t let this summer send your water bills through the roof and remember these important water-saving techniques!

Water Restrictions

You may have thought we were free from restrictions after the huge bout of droughts a few years ago, but the NSW Government has permanent restrictions in place at all times. Water restrictions range from Permanent, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Emergency.

Permanent restrictions are in place when the water supply is normal, and are as follows:

GARDENS & LAWNS (2) saving-water

GARDENS & LAWNS (4) water-efficient

*Disclaimer: water restrictions will vary. Check the NSW Government website to stay updated on changes to restrictions.

How water efficient is your home?

With so many water efficient appliances and accessories in the market, they can really help economise your water usage. Here’s a list of a few common household objects that can be upgraded to be more water-efficient:

  • Taps – made more water efficient by installing flow regulating aerators.
  • Washing machines – front loaders with at least 4 and a half stars for water efficiency will ensure you’re getting clean clothes and using less water.
  • Dishwashers – the higher the amount of stars on your dishwashers water efficiency rating, the better.
  • Shower heads – with a 3 star rated shower head, you’ll save both energy and water by using less hot water.

Is your water bill unusually high?

You could be unknowingly wasting water through a leak. The easiest way to check if there’s a leak in your home, is to make sure all water is turned off inside and outside the home. Then, record the reading on your water meter and wait around 15 minutes. After some time has passed with all water turned off, check the meter again—if the meter is reading water usage, you may have a leak somewhere.

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