How to Look After Tape-In Hair Extensions

Thanks to tape-in hair extensions, you can go from short hair to long, luscious locks in a matter of an hour (or so). However, how you look after tape-in hair extensions will impact how long they last and getting the most bang for your buck. Check out our top tips for keeping your new tape-ins looking their best.

These tape-in hair extension tips will help you:

  • Ensure your natural hair stays healthy.
  • Get the longest life from your tape-in hair extensions.
  • Look after your extensions with ease.

1. Hair Care Products

To minimise how often you need to have your tape-in hair extensions reapplied, avoid using hair care products containing oil, alcohol or ethanol. These ingredients eat away at the adhesive, making the tape weaker.

You’ll also want to switch to a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner as it strips hair of its oil. Our natural hair oils are what keeps our hair looking, feeling and actually being healthy. As hair extensions are not actually growing from our head, they need every little bit of help they can to stay looking natural. 

In general, it’s best to avoid using as many hair care products as possible while you have tape-in hair extensions. Find a shampoo and conditioner you like and a good-quality thermal protectant for when you’re using heat tools.

2. Brushing

If you’re someone who likes to go days without brushing your hair, getting tape-in hair extensions is probably not for you. You’ll need to get used to brushing your hair several times a day, ensuring you use a brush recommended for people with tape-in extensions.

Of course, stuff happens and tangles occur. When they do, reach for a wide-tooth comb as it doesn’t pull as much on your hair. However, brushing your hair throughout the day and putting it in a loose braid before bed will help keep knots away.

3. Shampooing & Conditioning

As we mentioned above, try using a natural shampoo and conditioner free of sulphates. When using your shampoo, carefully scrub in between your bonds and rinse out the product thoroughly. To condition your hair, only apply the product to the mid-to-end lengths of your hair and never to the bonds.

The last wash of your hair before you get tape-in hair extensions, use a clarifying shampoo. This will remove oils from the roots of your hair so the tape will adhere properly.

Speaking of water, if you go swimming or get sweaty, ensure you wash out any chlorine and dry off your hair as soon as possible.

A side note; hair extensions mean you have a lot more hair so ensure you leave aside extra time to wash and dry your hair properly.

4. Colouring & Styling

One of the golden rules of caring for tape-in hair extensions is never bleach them! No lightening. No balayage. If you want to have lighter hair extensions, have lighter ones applied. However, you can dye them darker, but it’s recommended only going two shades different. Although, when you removed the, your roots where the tape is will still be your original colour.

When you’re styling your hair with heat tools, avoid the tape. The more you use heat tools, the more fragile the extensions will become, meaning you’ll have to replace them more often.

If you use any oil-based products, remember to keep them away from the bonds. It’s also smart to invest in tangle-free hair ties to save yourself any snagged locks.

5. Maintenance

How often you have your hair extensions maintained will depend on how fast your hair grows and how well you care for them. Expect to require reapplication of bonds every 6 to 10 weeks.

Remember, you naturally lose hair every day, so unless you’re getting extreme thinning, don’t think it’s the fault of the tape-in hair extensions.

The need for completely new hair will also depend on how you care for it. Some people need new hair every two or three applications, while others can last up to a year. It will also depend on the quality of the hair and bonds. Ensure you only use a reputable hair extension specialist and follow these guidelines and you should be enjoying luscious long locks for months on end.

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