How to Keep Timber Fencing Looking Like New

Timber fencing provides a beautiful, natural addition to your home or property. Maintaining your timber fencing is important, not only to keep it looking new but to also ensure it stays standing for a long time. Here are our top 4 tips to keep your timber fence looking new.

Timber fencing is rapidly growing in popularity throughout all of Australia. Not only is it the natural way to keep your yard looking beautiful, but it also adds privacy and character to your property. They can be built as high as 2.4 metres, are very durable and offer many additional benefits.

Keeping your fencing looking like new is very important in not only maintaining their aesthetic but in maintaining their longevity. When kept in good condition, timber fencing can last for years and years.

Light brown timber fencing planks

Add Termite Protection to any Timber Fencing

Termites can cause destruction when it comes to wood. They can cause severe structural damage that can spread across the entirety of the fence. A termite infection can cause large swaths of your fencing to be replaced, and only after the termites have been eradicated in their entirety. This can be very expensive. By adding termite protection to your fencing, you may be able to eliminate a potentially expensive issue before it ever takes place.

Timber fence with vines

Minimise Brushes with Debris & Plants

Bushes, flowers and gardens along your fencing may look beautiful, but you should be sure to allow sufficient space between the foliage and the timber. This is because plants hold onto moisture. After a long time, that moisture can begin to seep into the wood and begin water-related wood rot. Simply trimming them back or providing enough space between the two will eliminate the possibility of damage from your greenery. Besides, keeping plants to a minimum will allow an unobstructed view of your beautiful fence. Its natural appearance provides homeowners with enough beauty and charm as is.

Painting wooden fence with large paintbrush

Treat & Seal the Timber

If left untreated, your fence can become vulnerable to water damage, wood rot, infestation and other serious issues which can damage your fence. These things can destroy the look of your timber while costing you money for repairs. Treating the wood protects your fence from insects, rot, fungal outbreaks and inclement weather. It will ensure that your timber looks beautiful for years to come while remaining durable and functional.

Old wooden fence

Replace Damaged Sections

In the event your fence gets damaged for any reason, dings, scratches and scuffs can lead to entry points into your timber. Even if it’s treated, damage that exposes even the smallest bit of the interior of the wood can potentially lead to serious problems. When interior of the timber is exposed, water can seep into the wood, leading to wood rot. And once rot has set in, it can spread throughout the fence. The same with fungal infections and insect infestation. Open points in wood may as well be wide open front doors for a myriad of dangers ranging from water to termites. If you notice any areas of your timber fencing that appears damaged, don’t wait until it’s too late. You should remove the damaged area and replace it with treated wood right away.

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