How to build a wire fence

September 22, 2015 - 3 min read

Here is the simplest guide to follow if you are looking to build a wire fence in your property. Read on to find out how!

Erecting a wire fence for beginners

Growing up on a farm you learn to appreciate the importance of being able to erect a strong and durable wire fence to keep your stock, or children, contained (sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the 2!). But, it’s well worth doing the research to determine the specifications you need for different fencing applications and stock lines, something my father found out the hard way!

A sheep and cattle farmer, born and bred on the land in country, Victoria, my father agreed to grazing a friends herd of goats for a short period of time on his property. Suffice it to say, their stay was even more short-lived than expected, as the herd breached his fences, with the dexterity of cat burglars, and decided to take a scenic tour of the local community!

While we managed to recapture them, after many hours of searching and listening to my father use a whole range of expletives that I never knew existed before then, I learn’t how important wire fence design really was.

How to build a wire fence like a pro

#1 Determine where your line needs to go

Fence line_114531484

Before you install your wire fence, you initially need to decide where you’d like it to go, and map the line carefully. During this part of the fence building process, it is vital to take into consideration pressure points, such as waterways, erosion and soil type. Once you have decided where you’d like your line to be positioned, you can prepare and clear it for installation.

#2 Install strainer assemblies

Fence strainer assembly_114409219

Strainer assemblies are the support network of your fence, and are also known as end assemblies. Assess how many of these you require, as well as the anchoring points and depth carefully, as these will determine how strong and durable your fence will be. Also isolate gate placement at this point.

#3 Place your posts

fence post_260423807

Step out your post placement, and place posts at regular intervals along the line, gauged by an equal number of steps taken. By having a straight fence line it reduces pressure points.

#4 Erect posts

Install Fence post_102159421

Once you have determined the depth and position is accurate, it’s time to drive in your posts using a pneumatic star post driver.

#5 Attach and strain fence wire

Fencing clamps_314985770

Join your fence wire to one end or strainer assembly, and strain it at the other end assembly, using a clamp or wire strainer. Make sure you check the tension, ensuring it is over tensioned slightly to make up for lost tension when you are tying it off.

#6 Tie off the wire

Tie off wire_179309681

You can tie off your fence line by tightening the wire around the strainer post and looping any excess wire under the main wire and through the space left between the post and the wire. After you’ve done this you need to pull it tight and loop it around the main wire several times. A T-clip can also be used to tie off a fence line. This is a simpler process, as all you need to do is wrap the wire around the post, through the T-clip then secure tightly around the post.

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