Hit or Miss Roadworthy Certificate Blunders

When it comes to selling a car or motorbike or truck in Queensland, or you want to move your registration over from another state, a roadworthy certificate is a must. A roadworthy certificate shows that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards required for driving in Queensland. So what exactly is checked during one of these inspections? We’ve listed the most common problems and solutions so you can ensure your vehicle passes with flying colours.

Obtaining a roadworthy certificate is a critical element of driving a vehicle in Queensland.

These inspections typically involve safety operation checks on several parts of the vehicle. If the car fails the review, it may require additional maintenance before it is roadworthy.

Here are some common roadworthy certificate blunders that may result in you losing your driving privileges, especially if you own an older vehicle:

Car headlights in mechanic shop


Malfunctioning lights are a top reason for missing out on a roadworthy certificate. Cracks, fading, flickering or any other issues with lights could cause the inspector to dock points against your vehicle. The good news is that lighting repairs require minimal expense, while you could complete them on your own to save on the service fees.

Car tyres on orange vehicle


Did you know that roughly 150,000 vehicles failed their roadworthy certificate inspection due to tyre problems in 2013? Tyres with any issue, such as a lack of pressure retention, cracks, excessive wear or minimal tread depth can fail an inspection. Taking your car to any service shop before your inspection is a good way to ensure they are up to scratch.

Mechanic opening bonnet of yellow car


It is common for owners of older cars to try their luck with the car battery. Older batteries that can hold a somewhat decent level of charge may be good enough to get you on the road for short trips. But such batteries can also cause you to fail an inspection, as they do not have enough fluid to meet Queensland regulations.

Compared to the inconvenience and cost of failing an inspection, it is best to invest in an updated battery for your vehicle. Not only will it ensure you pass your next few checks, but you will enjoy better vehicle performance and less anxiety related to its charge level.

Green motorcycle on road


Taking a risk with car brakes is never a good idea, regardless of your next inspection date. A faulty brake system not only endangers the life of anyone in your vehicle but others on the road. Take your vehicle to a car service shop and have them check your brake systems. They will also assess the handbrake, which is an underrated reason for people failing their routine inspection.

retro style motor oil tins on shelf

Oil Leaks

If oil leaks from your engine or transmission, it can lead to serious issues for your vehicle. Unfortunately, it is a common problem for older cars where the owner does not keep up with routine maintenance. When the inspector finds oil leaking from your engine or transmission, it can lead to an automatic fail.

Getting a roadworthy certificate feels like a routine battle for owners of older cars. By taking care of the above issues, you can ensure that your vehicle is ready to go for the next inspection. Not only will you get your certificate to drive in Queensland, but your car will be a lot more enjoyable to drive!

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