Leichhardt Hotel

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Succulent seafood, Leichhart Hotel – Rockhampton

This is Rockhampton’s first hotel, so, understandably, it has a very loyal local following . This grand lady of the city will make you want to loosen your belt buckle and spend a night indulging in some tasty appetisers. Try the baby back ribs that are marinated and cooked in spicy BBQ sauce. This is a very generous portion and they’re finger licking good. You can also book a wedding at the Leichhardt Hotel; baby back ribs and bridesmaids – what a combination. If you feel like tasting a little bit of the ocean, try the bucket of succulent prawns served with cocktail sauce or some Kilpatrick oysters.
Where: Cnr Denham & Bolsovers Street, Rockhampton, QLD, 4700
Ginger Mule Tapas Bar
The signature cocktail, Ginger Mule Tapas Bar – Rockhampton

Home to fantastic cocktails and some of the best steak and chips in Rockhampton, Ginger Mule Tapas Bar is a dining venue that is nothing short of delightful. A popular appetiser on the menu, that will fill you up like a main meal, is an impressive combination of crowd pleaser ingredients – cheese and bread. How can you go wrong? This hearty appetiser is the Ginger Mule Tapas Bar cheesy garlic bread. Another option is the seafood basket filled with tempura fish, crumbed prawn cutlets, squid rings, scallop bites and chips. You’ll smell the aromas of this baby as soon as the waiter walks it out of the kitchen.
Make sure you order a light main or share the cheesy garlic bread and seafood basket amongst your friends. Ginger Mule Tapas Bar has a fully equipped bar, so indulge with you favourite and most intricate cocktails. If you’re looking for an excuse to host an event with copious amounts of delicious food, the Ginger Mule Tapas Bar also offers room so you can celebrate with your own crowd.
Where: 8 Williams Street, Rockhampton, QLD, 4700
Riverside Restaurant
riverside (1)
Stunning interior, Riverside Restaurant – Rockhampton

Carnivorous dining enthusiasts get ready to die and go to appetiser heaven at Riverside Restaurant. On their starters menu they have a cured meat platter of salami, prosciutto, panchetta, pistachio salami and house pickles. Meatheads will love digging their claws into this smorgasbord of Italian cuts, and if you’re dining with a vegetarian, there’s a simple solution to keep them happy – pack a blindfold. Or, alternatively, order them the pumpkin bread to distract them from the carnage. Another appetiser that encompasses all food groups is the slow roast pork belly with parsnip puree and shaved cabbage. Such magnificent combinations of flavours to enjoy at this cosy, modern dining precinct.
Where: 86 Victoria Parade, Rockhampton, QLD, 4700
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