Delight your guests with finger food!

August 13, 2015 - 2 min read

Take your next party to a whole new level with these delicious and easy finger food ideas. We’ve found some recipes to suit any diet and even fussy eaters will love!

Have you ever been stuck deciding on the menu choices for your next dinner party? When you’re wanting to serve up a selection of food to please everyone, finger food can be your best friend! We’ve provided some sweet, savoury and downright delicious options for you to try.


These mini burgers are always a great option for children and adults alike. There are hundreds of recipes out there for sliders, and you can make them as simple or as complex as you like. Regardless of your choice, these burger bites will always look great when you bring them out on a platter for the taking! Why not try these mini ginger chicken burgers with lime mayo?


Although it can take some preparation time, sushi rolls are the pinnacle of finger food. Just like sliders, you can make the fillings as simple or as lavish as you please. Whether you’re a fan of seaweed or not, there are plenty of recipes for wrapped or “naked” sushi. Common fillings include meats like fresh fish or chicken, complemented with avocado, cucumber or anything you please—get creative with it! Check out this simple sushi recipe here.

Salad spoons

Serving gourmet salads in Asian soup spoons is a trendy twist on classic finger food fare—they also look exquisite when presented! Sometimes, all you need is a mouthful of salad for that freshness kick.Preparing salads may be the easiest part of your kitchen time, so serve them up in these spoons and impress your guests with an intricate serving suggestion. Give this celery, lemon and parsley spoon salad a whirl!

Lettuce cups

Another way to serve up greens creatively, lettuce cups are a great idea for all social events! Leaves of iceberg or cos lettuce work splendidly as food holders, and add a fresh crunch to the entree. Top them with finely sliced meat and drizzle with some sauce, or fill them with a spoonful of finely diced, sautéed mushrooms and wrap them into a lettuce dumpling. The combinations are endless, and for a great summery touch, try out these prawn cocktail cups.

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