Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Newcastle (February 2020)

Find 7 great date ideas to make your Valentine’s Day in Newcastle ultra special. You’ll be kept busy from sunrise to sunset, with plenty to give you memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Before you head out of town this weekend, think about staying in Valentine’s Day in Newcastle. From the moment the sun rises until long after it sets, there is plenty to see, do and try, including some of the best restaurants in the region.

To help you find some things to do, we’ve put together a list of our favourite Valentine’s Day date ideas for while you’re in this area of New South Wales. You’ll find things to do from sunrise through to sunset.

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7 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Newcastle 2020

1. Watch the sunrise at Shepherds Hill Fort.

Newcastle locals know the history and importance of the Heritage-listed Shepherds Hill Group, but for those travellers, we’ll give you a little background. The history of the various defence posts spans from the late 19th century to the mid 20th century, and was crucial in the defence of our coastline. In particular, it aided in returning enemy fire on an attack by Japanese submarines in 1942. 

Today, Shepherds Hill is a prime walking spot and observation lookout for watching the now peaceful waters and the sunrises and sunsets. If you happen to find yourself in Newcastle for Valentine’s Day, make use of this stunning spot and absorb some of the history too.

There is parking, if you’re not up for a bit of a hill climb.

2. Grab breakfast and coffee at a café in Newcastle.

Getting up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise probably left you a bit bleary eyed and in need of a caffeine hit. Lucky for you, there are plenty of cafés in Newcastle to treat you and your loved one.

You’re going to need plenty of energy for your Valentine’s Day activities, so be sure to fill up on a big breaky, loaded croissant or smoothie bowl before you get going again. Or, if you’re after a quiet day, head home for a mid-morning nap.

3. If it’s raining, head to The Lock-Up.

Back in the day, The Lock-Up was actually built to support the Newcastle Police Station. It lasted more than 100 years before its closure, and is now a place promoting the history of Newcastle.

The Lock-Up now has a museum, which celebrates artists from all different backgrounds. Right now, you can catch the Living with Uncertainty exhibition by Lucas Davidson and the Natural Causes exhibition by Gavin Vitullo.

4. If it’s not raining, get outdoors.

An approximate 15-minutes drive from Newcastle is the Glenrock State Conservation Area. While bushwalking may not seem like everyone’s idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day in Newcastle, the stunning secluded beaches and waterfalls will make you change your mind!

Take a picnic lunch in a backpack, so when you find that perfect spot, lay out your blanket and enjoy you and your partner’s favourite sandwiches, snacks and drinks. Or, swing by a takeaway place in Newcastle before you head off and pick something up to take with you.

5. Unwind with a romantic couple’s massage.

After all that walking (or even if you opted out of the above activities), you’re sure to be a bit achy. Treat your favourite person in the world to a relaxing couple’s massage.

There are more than 5 massage therapists in Newcastle, so chances are, even if you’re late to booking in a little treat, you’ll still get a spot. The best part is, you and your partner can each choose the pressure you like, so while you may go for a remedial massage, they can get that relaxing aromatherapy rub down they’ve been dying for.

6. Catch the sunset on the beach in Warners Bay.

Get in the car and drive 23 minutes south to Warners Bay. The sunset along the waterline is absolutely stunning, so it’s well worth the drive.

Here is where you can make the decision to have fish and chips on the beach, or move onto a more traditional romantic dinner at a restaurant in Warners Bay. Before heading off for dinner, we do recommend calling ahead and making a booking, or checking if they have availability.

7. Party the night away in a Newcastle bar.

As we get older, and work and family obligations start to take up our time, spending a night at home often sounds better than a night out. But Valentine’s Day in Newcastle is the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and hit the town with your partner.

Plus, if you haven’t had any photos taken in a while, you may be able to snag a few from some of the bars’ own photographers. If you don’t know your way around town, you can find a list of popular Newcastle bars on!

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