Charcoal Beauty Trends for 2021 — Do They Work?

Activated charcoal has made it’s way into everything from coffee to skin products. In 2021, charcoal is still popular in beauty products, but not always beneficial. Keep reading to find out which charcoal products are good or bad for you…

Charcoal beauty trends have rapidly increased over the past few years, and while some are thought to be beneficial, others may not be. Nowadays, you can find charcoal in anything from coffee to face masks and the charcoal frenzy isn’t expected to end any time soon. Likewise, charcoal beauty trends for 2021 are equally exciting and possibly concerning.

For example, Healthline claims getting your teeth whitened is the more effective option for your teeth, while charcoal toothpastes can actually damage your teeth. So, from charcoal sponges to charcoal toothpaste, this organic substance has made its way into almost every beauty product. Continue reading to discover the positives and negatives of charcoal beauty products to learn which ones to pick up or drop.

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What is activated charcoal?

Dr Anthony Hua from Burleigh Dental Studio explains what activated charcoal is typically made from;

“This fine-grained black chalky powder is thought to absorb and remove stains caused by foods like red wine, coffee, and tea. This buzz ingredient is typically made from bone char, coconut shells, olive pits, and petroleum coke.

It has long been used for medical purposes because of its toxin-binding properties. Activated charcoal has been used as far back as ancient times to treat all sorts of ailments from tetanus, typhoid, cholera, dysphoria, hepatitis, conjunctivitis, diabetic ulcers, candida, dysentery, gangrene and more.” 

This means charcoal is actually the carbon residue left after high-carbon-content materials like wood or coconut shells have been slow heated, removing the liquid from them.

Top uses for charcoal:

  • Facial cleanser
  • Toothpaste
  • Digestive Supplement

5 Top Charcoal Beauty Trends for 2021

1. Charcoal konjac sponges.

Charcoal sponges, which are a type of konjac sponge, are used to deep-clean pores and minimise blackheads. By also removing dirt and absorbing excess oils, charcoal sponges are going to be one of the top charcoal beauty trends for 2021. 

These sponges are usually made from bamboo charcoal and are 100% biodegradable. Ideal for oily and blemish prone skin, it’s no surprise charcoal sponges are a hot commodity!

Are charcoal konjac sponges good for your skin?

Yes, charcoal konjac sponges are good for your skin. Any type of konjac sponge contains konjac, a porous root vegetable native to Asia, but their added ingredients like charcoal is what differentiates them. 

These sponges are a great option for light exfoliating for those with sensitive skin.

2. Coconut-charcoal face masks.

Activated charcoal face masks have been around for a while now, but will remain a top trend in 2021. There are face masks made from by-product activated charcoal derived from coconuts, which helps ensure nothing goes to waste — perfect for 2021’s conscious consumers. 

Coconut-charcoal face masks are meant to help brighten the skin with a deep-cleanse of activated charcoal and nourishing coconut oil. Activated charcoal absorbs pollutants and reduces pore size, promoting glowing skin.

3. Charcoal face bar.

Charcoal face bars are used as a cleansing soap aimed at preventing breakouts and removing dirt. This type of soap can absorb excessive oils, making it a real treat for oily skin. As we all know, charcoal is meant to have detoxifying effects, drawing dirt and other impurities out of the pores, leaving skin clean and glowing

The face bar is also meant to help make skin tighter and firmer, reduce pore size, help calm acne and prevent premature ageing.

4. Charcoal serum.

Charcoal serum is yet another popular charcoal beauty trend for 2021. In this form, it can help detoxify, purify and gently buff the skin, leaving your face smooth and clean. 

Additionally, the serum is said to reduce blackheads, acne and other skin congestion issues using its pore unclogging abilities.

5. Charcoal teeth whitening

Charcoal teeth whitening remains a trend in 2021, offering users a fun experience for cleaning their teeth. Something about brushing your teeth with a black paste is amusing to most, since using a black substance contradicts everything we’re used to using to clean ourselves. However, it’s important to consider if this trend is for your benefit, or all for marketing.

Is charcoal teeth whitening good for your teeth?

Dr. Hua of Burleigh Dental Studio further explains, “Understandably, people assume that because of charcoals’ toxin absorbing properties that it would do the same on teeth, but little scientific evidence has been demonstrated to support this theory. A study from the British Dental Journal found that charcoal provides little protection against tooth decay and no evidence that it helps remove stains other than temporarily. It simply won’t do much for your smile in the long-term.”

Charcoal Toothpaste FAQs

Is charcoal abrasive?
Charcoal is abrasive, meaning using charcoal-infused toothpaste can cause wearing down of the teeth’s surfaces over time. If used frequently over a long period of time, charcoal toothpastes can cause further staining and discolouration.

Does charcoal prevent tooth decay?
Charcoal does not prevent tooth decay. If used too often, the powder can get stuck between fillings, irritating the gums. 

Can charcoal get stuck in fillings?
Yes, charcoal can get stuck in fillings. 

Can charcoal cause sensitivity?
The short answer is yes, charcoal can cause sensitivity. Besides the possibility of wearing down your teeth over time, it can then increase sensitivity and susceptibility to tooth decay if the enamel is damaged.

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