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October 22, 2015

6 Dental Tips For Healthy Teeth & Gums

Do… #1 Brush Your Teeth Twice Daily Brushing your teeth twice a day is important if you want to prevent plaque and gum diseases. Choose a softer toothbrush that’s kind on your gums and try to brush after meals. Quality is just as important as quantity, so check out this video on using the correct […]

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October 21, 2015

How To Look After Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Our tips will help you to: Prolong the life of your hair extensions. Need less frequent move-ups and replacement. Keep your natural hair as natural as possible. Brushing To ensure you don’t pull on your micro bead extensions (which can cause premature dropping or fallout of your extensions), only use a loop brush, or nylon […]

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The Epic Battle Of Apple Mac OS VS Windows PC

Round 1: Viruses & Security Apple Mac OS: Pro Generally speaking, if you only require a computer for basic needs, you can get by with little-to-no anti-virus software on a Mac operating system (OS). While they’re still susceptible to malware, Apple is very good at cleaning up security breaches. Windows PC: Con No matter what […]

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October 16, 2015

The 6 Signs of Gum Disease

The 6 Signs Gum disease is generally caused by a large build-up of bacterial plaque that results in a colourless, sticky film. Gross! You may not even be aware you have gum disease, as it is rarely painful. The 6 common signs include: Bleeding gums while brushing your teeth Bad breath or taste in your […]

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October 15, 2015

Recycle Your Winter Wardrobe So You're Summer Ready!

#1 Turn a short sleeve shirt into a singlet To convert a short-sleeved shirt into a singlet, make sure you accurately measure both sleeves of your shirt, before cutting these at the same point. Once the sleeves have been cut off, fold the edge over twice and stitch a very fine hemline of 2-3 centimetres […]

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October 13, 2015

Beware Of The Bite: Harmful GC Insects & Animals

Important Disclaimer: If you’ve been bitten by any of the animals or insects on this list, it’s important that you seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Underwater Bluebottles Courtesy: BondiRescue Easily identifiable with their bright blue colour, these little jellyfish often find themselves on the shore of the Gold Coast after strong onshore winds. Their […]

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Ensuring Your Bike Is Perfectly Matched With You

1. Saddle-to-Stem Distance Take your elbow and lean it against the front of your saddle. The distance between saddle and stem is correct if your middle finger is touching the middle of your steer tube. 2. Saddle Height Place your armpit on the saddle of your bike and hang your arm down towards the pedal. […]

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Building a swimming pool is an investment in your home and family
October 9, 2015

How To Build Your Swimming Pool

Building a swimming pool is an investment in your home and family

Global Warming In Your Backyard Picture yourself lazing by the pool. An icy-cold beverage in your hand, cool tunes playing, and you’re chilling beneath the shade of the palm trees at your splendid oasis. Global warming? Not a worry. Wait! Palm trees? Swimming pools and trees go together like eggs and a jackhammer. Sure, it […]

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3 Shocking Things You Should Be Cleaning

Makeup Brushes Warning, you may never look at your makeup brushes the same again. Bacteria build-up on makeup brushes can lead to breakouts, decrease the brush life, and in some cases, may transfer pinkeye to your unsuspecting eyes. How To Clean Makeup Brushes How Regularly: Once a week to once a fortnight Spot Cleaning: After […]

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October 8, 2015

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Boat

Know What You Need Whether it’s for family ski adventures or solo fishing trips, everyone wants to own a boat for different reasons.  The first thing you need to do is establish what you will be using the boat for, how many passengers you’ll need to accommodate and what your budget is. Once you’ve established […]

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