​Whitsundays Fishing Charters

Step on board, Whitsundays Fishing Charters - Airlie Beach
Step on board, Whitsundays Fishing Charters – Airlie Beach

Looking for a fully equipped charter boat to take you for a day of bliss fishing? Whitsundays Fishing charters can provide this and more, with their professional and affordable half day trip service. Before setting off on either the morning or afternoon boat, enjoy a much needed cup of tea to get you in gear for your adventure out at sea. If you are a novice to the sport and are in need of a few pointers on the best way to catch fish, now is your time to grill the brains of the pros over a casual drink. Once you are geared up and on board, it’s time to take to the rod and pull in your catch – and with such an array of fish swarming the Whitsundays oceans, it won’t be long until you’re feeling a tug. Once you have successfully reeled in your prize, hand it over to one of the friendly tenders who will clean it up and place it in ice, keeping it nice and fresh for tonights supper. Once both feet are back on land, head down to Fish D’vine to put your feet up and enjoy your catch.
Where: Abell Point Marina, Shingley Drive, Airlie Beach, QLD, 4802
​Fish D’vine
Catch of the day, Fish D'vine - Airlie Beach
Catch of the day, Fish D’vine – Airlie Beach

The only thing that compliments fish more than chips – is rum. Luckily for you, Fish D’vine can not only rustle up your catch of the day for a mind blowing $8.50 but can also supply you with a diverse drinks list of premium rums. Relax in their laid-back setting as you indulge in a delicious fillet of fish with your family, friends and fellow fishermen off your trip. If you fancy a little starter before you tuck into your pride and joy, try the sugar cane cured Tasmanian salmon served with orange & fennel salad, honey mustard vinaigrette and crispy croutons for a dish to really get your tastebuds wanting more. Be sure to grab a healthy portion of sides including their farmers market vegetables finished with fresh herb butter and a plate of classic crunchy chips served with aioli to compliment your feast. Last but not least, sink into your chair swirling your short glass of rum on the rocks and relax after your long and hard day at sea.
Where: 303 Shute Harbour Road, Airlie Beach, QLD, 4802
​Salt Seafood Bar & Grill
The famous platter, Salt Seafood Bar & Grill - Airlie Beach
The famous platter, Salt Seafood Bar & Grill – Airlie Beach

If you weren’t so fortunate with your catch today, have no fear as you can still enjoy a scrumptious fish dish at Salt Seafood Bar and Grill. Well-known for their fabulous menu of fresh seafood, this unique location are no shy cookie to the world of cocktails. Enjoy a delicious share plate such as their cold seafood medley which features an abundance of oceanic delights as your sip on a fruity Coconut Lagoon to wash it down. With its relaxing and chilled out atmosphere and friendly and dedicated staff, Salt Seafood Bar and Grill is the ideal location to retire to after a long day on the boat. If you’re heading out on the morning fishing trip, why not stop in at this fantastic location for a fresh fruit breakfast platter and a quick coffee before setting off.
Where: 6 Airlie Esplanade, Airlie Beach, QLD, 4802
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