Shhh, 3 Most Secret ‘Gong Fishing Spots

April 9, 2015 - 2 min read

If you’re looking for a hidden gem in Wollongong to fish, we’ve found our three favourite top secret spots. Bring your bait and rod and catch some dinner!

Get your tackle organised, rig your rod, chuck on your fishing jacket, jump in the car and stop off at one of these secret Wollongong fishing spots you won’t want to tell anyone about.

Top 3 Most Secret Wollongong Fishing Spots

1. Behind the rocks near the old Headlands Hotel.

Fishing behind the rocks near the old Headlands Hotel is a must if you want to catch some good-sized fish in Wollongong. This spot has been known to produce some nice tailor, along with a variety of other species that are sure to taste good on your dinner plate later that evening. 

As always when fishing near rocks, you will need to be careful, so pick your spots and always fish with a partner for safety as well as some good banter.

Where: Headland Ave Austinmer NSW

2. Hill 60 Lookout coastline.

Hill 60 Lookout is normally popular among Wollongong locals and tourists alike for its picturesque views of the coastline. But little do most locals know, the waters surrounding this lookout are thriving with fish.

If you want to catch a good-sized bonnie or salmon then this is the spot. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to see the views from Hill 60? Well stop making excuses, grab your rod and make a day of it.

Where: Port Kembla Lookout Port Kembla NSW

3. Windang Beach.

Perhaps you’re a fisherman who dabbles in a bit of surf fishing. Chuck your board shorts on and head down to Windang Beach for an afternoon of waves, sand and salmon. Be sure to head out during high tide and use pilchard as bait if you want the best chance to catch some tailor. There’s also been stories of large jewfish being caught on this very beach.

Where: Windang Beach New South Wales

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