Breathe new life into your home

August 6, 2015 - 2 min read

Tired of living in an outdated home? Before you put the build on the market, why not consider a few simple renovations? Often we make big, brash decisions, only to realise small and simple changes can make a huge difference.

From awesome kitchen and lounge ideas, to inventive bathroom and gardens designs, we’ve found some great ways to transform your home. Don’t settle for that sub-standard decor any longer—check out the 4 ideas below and renovate your home into a space you love!

For your kitchen

Modern hanging rack - stock image
Modern island and hanging rack – stock image

If you’re constantly fighting for space when it comes to putting away pots and pans, this design is perfect for you. By installing a modern kitchen island, you can tailor the storage to suit your specific needs—from shelving and cupboards, to wine racks and drawers. Still not enough space? Why not install a hanging rack above the island? This will instantly give you more storage, as well as creating a focal point within the room.

For your lounge

Welcoming lounge - stock image
Welcoming lounge – stock image

Something as simple as rearranging the furniture can create a whole new look! However, if you’re keen to get rid of the old and bring in the new, consider purchasing a corner sofa. Placed in the centre of the room, this design will create a social atmosphere! Need something more? If your lounge is large enough, why not dedicate a section of the room to a chilled corner? Something as simple as a few beanbags and a fluffy rug can make a big difference.

For your garden

Outdoor kitchen - stock image
Outdoor kitchen – stock image

Often landscapes get overlooked, when in fact, they can make a huge impact to your home. If your kitchen is too small or your lounge feels too cluttered, convert your outside area into a functional design! By renovating the garden with some simple decking, weatherproof furniture and a few outdoor appliances to suit your needs, you’ll bring the indoors, outside.

For your bathroom

Glamorous bathroom design - stock image
Glamorous bathroom design – stock image

Long gone are the days when a basic bathroom layout suited our needs. With a continual supply of modern designs hitting the market, nobody deserves an old-fashioned suite! Renovate your bathroom with an elegant walk-in shower design, complete with a freestanding bathtub. Classic and modern, you’re bound to love the simplicity of this design that will instantly transform your bathroom.