Best dog breeds for the Cairns climate

June 22, 2015 - 2 min read

With a tropical climate and perfect weather, its important to chose the right dog for your Cairns family. here are some of our favourite breeds who don’t mind the sun.

Border Collie

One of the most intelligent and athletic breeds of dog, these working-class animals are sweet and loyal, but need to be kept occupied. While the border collie may be well suited to the hotter climate, be sure you have plenty of room on your property to let this energetic dog run wild – topped with extensive daily exercise. They thrive on praise and will be extremely loyal if given the chance.

Border Collie Dog laying in grass
Photo by Daniel Plan on Unsplash

Golden Retriever

Perhaps the most popular breed of dog in Cairns, golden retrievers are intelligent, kind and caring which make them the perfect family pet. Their loving nature makes them extremely safe around the little ones, but if you’re expecting a guard dog, look elsewhere as this loveable breed is even kind to strangers. Golden retrievers are also natural swimmers, so feel free to take them to the your local Cairns beach and watch them swim for hours.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Similar to golden retrievers, the Chesapeake Bay retriever also loves the warmer weather, as well as long walks on the beach. They are an obedient breed and prefer a dominant master, but you will need to have patience with them as puppies as they are known to be slow learners. Not ideal for apartment life, be sure these little furry guys have plenty of room to run around in your Cairns backyard.


Perfect for any Cairns apartment, chihuahua
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If you’re only allowed small dogs where you live, or you want a pet who enjoys a lot of affection, then you may want to look into adopting a chihuahua. Suitable for apartment life, chihuahuas are notoriously faithful and protective of their owners. Be careful however, just because they are small you shouldn’t let them do as they please, as they can very quickly become destructive and disobedient.