First thing’s first – make sure your pet is fit and healthy before you head off on your holiday! Check out this vet on the Cassowary Coast for all your veterinary needs.

Coral Coast Veterinary Services

Meet the friendly team, Coral Coast Veterinary Services - Innisfail
Meet the friendly team, Coral Coast Veterinary Services – Innisfail

If you need to book your pooch or cat in for a check up, call into Coral Coast Veterinary Services. This trusted veterinary clinic offers a huge range of services to make sure your pet is in tip-top shape. From regular check ups and dental care to desexing, this vet offers it all! If you’re leaving your pet in a boarding kennel, it’s also important that their vaccinations are up to date. Speak to the friendly team at Coral Coast Veterinary Services to check that they aren’t behind on their injections, to ensure they stay healthy while you’re on holiday. Conveniently located in Innisfail, make sure you book your pet in for their next check up before you head off on your holiday.
Where: 12 Palmerston Drive, Goondi Bend QLD 4860
Now their vet checks are up to date, you should stock up on their favourite food and toys! Check out this local pet shop for all of your pet needs.
Innisfail Aquarium & Bird Centre
Their well-stocked store, Innisfail Aquarium & Bird Centre - Innisfail
Their well-stocked store, Innisfail Aquarium & Bird Centre – Innisfail

Being separated from their owners can be extremely stressful for a dog or cat. One way to make the separation easier is to ensure they’re left with their favourite treats and engaging toys to keep them distracted while you’re away. Innisfail Aquarium & Bird Centre is a fully stocked pet store, selling a huge range of products for you to pick up before you go away. From premium dog and cat food, to plenty of fun and engaging toys, they’ll have everything you could possibly need.
Where: 39 Ernest Street, Innisfail QLD 4860
It’s time for you to head off, but where will you be leaving your pets? We’ve found a fantastic boarding kennel on the Cassowary Coast to take care of your precious pets!
Drop your pets off to this fantastic kennel, Tropicats
Drop your pets off to this fantastic kennel, Tropicats – El Arish

Tropicats is a number one boarding kennel for cats and dogs on the Cassowary Coast. If you’re heading away on holidays, it’s important that your pets are properly looked after, to ensure they are safe and stay healthy and happy.
If you have cats, at Tropicats your feline will be looked after by the very best. Check them into this amazing facility and they’ll be with other cats, surrounded by plenty of toys, things to see and activities to do. With spacious and comfortable individual enclosures, your cat will be able to stay in absolute comfort and keep all their toys to themselves. Your cat’s kennel room with even come with a TV and engaging toys to keep your cat occupied!
If you’re a dog person, Tropicats also has a dog kennel to take the very best care of your pup. Offering four different kennel areas, you know that your dog will be around other dogs that have similar playing styles and enjoy socialising. Alongside the clean and comfy individual enclosures, there is a huge exercise yard for your dog to get its daily dose of exercise in the outdoors. Dogs get fed twice daily, and extra treats after their exercise time. On top of this, they’re hydrobathed weekly and before you pick them up! Talk about pampering – your pooch will enjoy their holiday as much as you!
Where: 271 Cassowary Drive, El Arish QLD 
Can’t bear to leave your pet behind on your holiday? Why not head to these fantastic pet-friendly holiday parks on the Tweed Coast!
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