While flying high in the sky with these companies is completely safe, it doesn’t stop a bit of fear from kicking in. We’ve found a couple of post-flight breakfast feeds that’ll help replenish all that nervous energy lost.

Float in a balloon

Balloon Aloft Gold Coast

Views like no other, Balloon Aloft Gold Coast - Gold Coast
Views like no other, Balloon Aloft Gold Coast – Gold Coast

Balloon Aloft Gold Coast is the only hot air ballooning company that actually flies over the Gold Coast, so you really can’t choose anyone else. You won’t believe the sense of peacefulness and tranquillity you’ll feel as you levitate hundreds of metres above the city. It doesn’t matter whether you’re with a group or by yourself, there’s really no better way to immerse yourself in the Gold Coast’s natural beauty than via a hot air balloon ride. Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect present to get a loved one? They’ll be over the moon once they hear they are going for a hot air ballooning experience with Balloon Aloft Gold Coast.
Where: 14/9 Beach Road Surfers Paradise Gold Coast QLD

Celebratory breakfast

Mecure Gold Coast Resort

Stylish surroundings, Mecure Gold Coast Resort - Gold Coast
Stylish surroundings, Mecure Gold Coast Resort – Gold Coast

Part of your hot air balloon deal with Balloon Aloft Gold Coast is a champagne buffet breakfastat┬áthe restaurant and bar located inside the Mecure Gold Coast Resort. Sink into your chair at this first class restaurant as you sip on chilled champagne and reflect on what was sure to be a breathtaking morning. You’ll be spoilt for choice with their extensive buffet menu that includes everything from pastries and fruit to eggs and hash browns, plus loads more. Enjoy aflresco dining and a casual atmosphere as you stuff as much delicious food into your mouth as you can.
Where: Palm Meadows Drive Carrara Gold Coast QLD

Hang gliding in the hinterland

Canungra Sky Sport

Hang glide high in the sky, Canungra Sky Sports - Gold Coast
Hang glide high in the sky, Canungra Sky Sports – Gold Coast

Are you a bit of an adrenaline junkie? You can learn to soar like an eagle with a hang gliding lesson from Canungra Sky Sport. For a very reasonable price, sign up for a tandem hang gliding course with absolutely no previous experience required. The Canungra Sky Sport hang gliding journey is unique in the fact that they are the highest in all of Queensland, so you can you enjoy up to 20 minutes of scenic rim beauty during your decent. If you’ve always wanted to experience the thrill of hang gliding, there’s no time like the present; book a time with Canungra Sky Sport today.
Where: King Street Canungra Gold Coast QLD

Refuel post-flight

The Outpost Cafe

Friendly staff, The Outpost Cafe - Gold Coast
Friendly staff, The Outpost Cafe – Gold Coast

Located less than a kilometre from Canungra Sky Sport, head to The Outpost Cafe and regather your composure with a great tasting meal and a smooth coffee. If it’s lunchtime already, be sure to dig into some of ‘Australia’s best pies’ which are all homemade on site and have Canungra locals coming back time and time again. Known as the hinterland’s favourite cafe, don’t head home without stopping by The Outpost Cafe for affordable food and friendly service.
Where: 44 Christie St Canungra Gold Coast QLD

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